How to Recover Deleted Google Account?

You may have mistakenly or temporarily deleted your Google account which you may be finding it difficult to recover. If that is so then this tutorial can offer you an effective guidance to recover the deleted Google account. One of the easiest ways to do the same is connect with our experienced technicians who will offer step by step guidance to resolve the same. In case this is what you are not looking at then there is also a manual way to resolve such kind of issue. For manual way users can simply do is move down the tutorial and follow the steps as mentioned below and then they can be certain enough to get one stop solution for the issue without any sort of hesitation or giving a second thought.

Steps to quickly recover the deleted Google account:

  • Open the Google account recovery page and then they can enter the email address and click on Next button.
  • Users can next enter the password that appears next on the screen and click on Next.
  • When Prompted then users can click on Continue and then they can review their account information.
  • Users can next click on Submit and enter their phone number and then they can click on Continue.
  • Users will now receive the verification code which they can enter on the screen and then they can click on Verify to complete the process.

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