How To Pass Post-UTME Admission Screening Exams For 2018/2019 Academic Session


After I publish guides on how to pass various exams such as

A lot of people have been sending mails to us requesting for a guide on how to Score high in Post-UTME Screening Examination.

So today we have decided to focus on how to pass post-UTME Exam 2018 without any stress. So sit back and thoroughly go through this article if you are writing the forth coming Post UTME admission screening exams.

With these tips we can guarantee you that you will be able to score above 300 in 2018 Post-UTME exams as well as beyond.

So after checking your JAMB score and you were able to scale the threshold the long wait begins. This is the period that you should use to put into practice this tip that I will share with you shortly.

How To Pass Post-UTME Admission Screening Exams

So these are the laws to pass this year Post-UTME exams beyond the average level.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Syllabus
  • Get past question
  • Know the departmental cut off mark for your course
  • Apply for Exams on time
  • Know your subject combination
  • Be hungry for success
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Read! Read! Read!
  • Have a schedule for studying
  • Put your past questions into use
  • Test and time yourself
  • Learn to use memory technique
  • If you are a science student practice without calculator

So let’s see the break down on how to use this tips

1.     Familiarize yourself with the Syllabus

What syllabus am I talking about here?  Well get the Post-UTME syllabus of your choice school and go through it thoroughly.

It is an invitation of failure to stay without doing anything and when it is two months to the exams you decide to kill yourself with overwork.

There is a popular saying that if your fail to plan you are planning to fail. In the event of not preparing enough for your upcoming Post-UTME Admission Screening Exams, you have eventually booked your place amongst the prospective candidates for next year Post-UTME exams.


2.     Get past question


Nobody expecting examination success can do without past questions. As a student, past questions had always been my best companion.  The best thing to do once you have known that you have pass the UTME threshold is to get post-UTME past questions. We are compiling our past questions now once we are done we will notify all our readers and distribute it to all. Click here to see our past questions.

3.     Know the departmental cut off mark for your course


It will be a worst nightmare to prepare for a course whose cut off mark is high and you know you don’t stand a chance in the Post-UTME exams. Verify the departmental cut off marks of all the courses in your choice school before applying for the admission screening.  You can click here to see all the Jamb and departmental cut of mark of all the schools in Nigeria.

4.     Apply for Exams on time

One of the causes of failures in external exams is when you are not well informed about the application date and schedule. Apply on time if you want to pass well. You can visit this page to see which schools have released their post-UTME form.

5.     Know your subject combination


Do you know the subjects that are needed to get admission in that course you are applying for? Stop wasting water on the back of the fowl.

It will be disheartening to go through all the stress only to discover that you don’t ave the required papers needed for admission in that course.

Take time to find out these things

6.     Be hungry for success


A man once said if the mountain does not come to the Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain. If you are not hungry for success, you might just find yourself struggling to succeed in your admission screening exams

See the full details here.

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