How To Migrate To Airtel SMARTCONNECT (All You Need To Know)

The new Airtel smart CONNECT tariff plan/service is a bonus plan for ONLY new prepaid customers which offers bonuses on every their recharge(s).

How To Activate This Plan

  • All you have to do is  to buy a new Airtel SIM Card
  • Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration center.
  • Insert the SIM CARD into your mobile phone
  • Recharge any amount to start enjoying the airtel smart CONNECT bonuses


  • You will get 800% value of 100 Naira  and above airtime recharge for the first Three months after activation. The bonus accrues as follows:
    1. Main account: 100%.
    2. Voice bonus account: 250%.
    3. Data bonus account: 250%.
    4. Social bonus account: 100%.
    5. Family and friends bonus account: 100%.
  • You can Add, Remove and Check list of Family and Friends (F&F) number with this codes: Add: *311*2*number#, Remove: *311*3*number# and Check: *311*4# respectively.
  • Your Social bonus is valid for seven days and usable only on this social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, BBM and Whatsapp.
  • Your Data bonus account will be charged when you browse the internet with your internet browser.
  • You will also get 100% (100 percent) of your total recharge (Of N200 and  above) in a month as data bonus on the last day of the month.
    • in otherwords, a total recharge of N1,000 in a month will give you N1,000 data bonus charged at 5 Naira per Mega Byte.


NOTE: This Bonus is valid for  Seven days; Main Account Airtime DOES NOT EXPIRE within this seven days, you can make use of your main account airtime for as long as you want.

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