How to Lose Weight and Stay Trim Forever - Starting Slowly

You think to yourself "Ok, it's a new year and   Exogenous Ketones Review  I'm going to start working out!" The first thing most of us do is go out and get a gym membership or sign up for an aerobics or step class. Let's stop and think about why we have not been exercising up to now.

There are more reasons in our daily lives than we care to mention but up until the point that you make a resolution to start exercising, you must admit that you do have a busy life and an established routine. The worst thing you can do is make a drastic change in your lifestyle because this will upset several of the other important things you do. The best thing is to start slowly to integrate this into your daily routine.

Now, I love the social benefits and fancy equipment available in the gyms and classes, but really, can I afford to make a two hour addition to my daily schedule Realistically, we must take into account that preparing to go to the gym or workout class requires some time for making ourselves presentable and traveling. Some of us are lucky and live near these types of places but many of us must travel some distance, burning time. So, if you pay for a membership you will feel compelled to go and spend one to one and a half hours using those services. Taking this and travel/preparation time into account, two hours at a minimum are required. So please don't jump into this without realizing the sudden impact to your lifestyle.

It's not as much fun but beginning an exercise program in your own home is easy. Just make one trip to a sporting goods store and get some dumbbells (start light) and a resistance band. Often, this costs less than a one day pass at the gym and it is only a one-time disruption in your schedule unless you combine the trip with something else you usually go out to do.

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