How to Link Your NIN to Your MTN, GLO, Airtel Lines

Recently the federal government gave directives to barr phone lines/numbers not linked to active National Identification Numbers (NIN) thus making it necessary for people to (a) have their NINs and (b) link the NIN to their phone lines. We wrote a detailed guide on How to Link Your NIN

If you are one of those still looking for information on how to link your NIN comfortably see the below steps;

If you are an MTN subscriber these are steps to follow to link your MTN phone line to your NIN

  • Using the phone containing the line you’d like to link, dial *785# then enter the 11 digit NIN on the space that comes up and submit. Also you can simply dial *785*NIN# (NIN being the 11 digit NIN you wish to link to your line). So for eg if your NIN is 12345678910 then you dial *785*12345678910# to complete the linking of your NIN to your MTN line.
  • You can send your NIN as a message to 785
  • Use the MyMTN app. Open the app, read the NIN popup notification and proceed with the instructions
  • The MTN Website: You can choose to visit the official page on the MTN website to link your NIN

You can read up more on how to link your NIN to phone lines of other networks such as Glo, 9Mobile and Airtel.

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