The synonyms of wisdom include understanding, knowledge, insight, perception, astuteness, intelligence, acumen, good judgment. If you extend
this further, you get such words as sharpness, expertise, awareness,
discernment, thoughtful, considerate, sensitivity, observant, etc.

In philosophy, we learn that wisdom is knowledge applied to a positive beneficial cause. This is usually an altruistic benefit. Thus, if you have knowledge of something and how to use it to some advantage you are considered intelligent. But if you use the knowledge for a positive
beneficial cause, you are considered to be wise.

We need wisdom to create wealth. We need wisdom to be happy. We need wisdom to find peace in our lives and in the community we live in. We need
wisdom to promote wealth, peace and progress around us. Knowledge is not enough. Knowledge is a stepping stone to wisdom. We need wisdom to achieve the success we seek
in all aspects of our lives, including our relationships.

Senator George Bennett of Utah said: “though it is true that our choices reveal our character, it is also true that our choices shape our character”.
Knowing the impact of our character to our destiny, we need to make wise
choices all the days of our lives to achieve the success we desire.

Wisdom, therefore, means the ability to make right choices. In Hebrew, wisdom means the mastery of the act of living in consonance with God’s expectations. With wisdom comes wealth and honour.

Here are deliberate activities that would help us grow in the critical skill of wisdom or the ability to make wise choices throughout our lives:

· Have a humble teachable spirit – the scriptures say that the fear of the Lord is the
beginning of wisdom and the fool is wise in his own eyes. The synonyms of the
word humble include but not limited to modest, unassuming, meek, lowly and
poor. The opposite of humility is
arrogance. One of the key words of
‘poor’ here is deprived. If you consider
yourself endowed with all the knowledge you need, would you seek for more? Certainly not! In the same vein, if you see yourself lacking
in the knowledge you need, in fact, deprived, you will seek to obtain it, isn’t
that the case?

This is the point here. There is nothing new under the sun. Though something might be new
to one person today, many people have been through it and have the experience
with it enough to teach it. To grow in
wisdom, we must be willing to learn from those who know, irrespective of who
they are in comparison to us. Many pupils,
students and scholars are richer or wealthier than those who are their
teachers. To obtain the knowledge that a
teacher already has, the student would have to humble himself and be teachable
to learn. Remember King Solomon, the
famed wisest and by extension the wealthiest man of all times. He started out by praying to God for
wisdom. He said: thy servant is but a little child,
please give me wisdom to be able to judge this thy people.
We know from his history that he was
so famed in wisdom and wealth. The fear
of the Lord is indeed the beginning of wisdom.

· Study the scriptures and meditate on the word of God: In the Judeo-Christian Bible we learn from the
counsel that Apostle Paul gave to Timothy in Second Timothy chapter 3:14-15 the
need to study the scriptures: “But continue thou in the things which thou
hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou has learned them;
and that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to
make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” .
David Psalmist said that his eyes are
awake all night meditating upon the words of God. We know the fame of David and how much he
loved God and his words.

· Make sure you learn from others: There is so
much we can learn from others. Like I
mentioned earlier, the road you are traveling in life, someone has already been
there. You can learn from them. Iron sharpens iron. Iron also dulls iron. We should select the kind of people we move
with. They should be people whose diamond
dust will be will sparkle as it drops upon us. Reading widely - biographies,
personal development books and all good books.
Engage a coach to walk you through the path wisdom and progress.

Follow the life course of successful people. It was the wise King Solomon who asked the lazy man to learn from the ant. We can learn from nature and other people who have done it before, what it is we are
interested in so that we can grow in wisdom.

· Learning from our own experiences: We should learn from our experiences. If we are learning from our experiences, we
would be growing in wisdom. In the book Growing
From Your Experiences,
reasonable evidence was produced to show that it
is within the ambit of our experiences that true learning take place. Experience, they say, is the best
teacher. When we are in difficult
situations, happy situations, dangerous situations, and whatever situations in
our lives, it is also the best time to ask, ‘how did I get here, how can I get
out of it, how can I stay on here?’, as the case may be.

· Seek wise counsel and advice: The way of the fool is right in his own eyes, we
learn from the scriptures. But the wise
learn from other wise people. Winston Churchill, the great British Statesman
said: ‘I do not just seek to maximize the use of my intellect; I take steps to
maximize the use of other peoples’ wisdom’. We should seek out those who are wise and
learn from them. In this day and age, we
have professional and experienced coaches in the personal development field who
are only willing to become accountability partners. Engage a coach. There are specialized coaches in relationship
issues, self-esteem, career path, anxiety, fear, business development,
networking etc. Seek wise counsel.

If you would like to learn how to increase in wisdom, how to improve yourself and how to transform yourself to a wealth creator, contact Francis Nmeribe at,, and for free
rich content articles and support on your way to success.

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