How To Get People Begging You To Take Up A Job

This article will attract more job-seekers than entrepreneurs. It’s probably true that the person reading this article right now is looking for employment. The reason is that most persons are programmed to seek a job and they’ve been searching for a large part of their adult life. I’m pleased to disappoint you. I didn’t write on this topic to give you clues on how to submit applications, proposals or handle job interview. This isn’t a write-up that helps you if you go looking for a job that takes away your freedom and reward you with peanuts in the form of monthly paycheck.


I have a better proposition for you. It’s simple: Stop job-hunting! That’s the only time in your life when you can start using your life for bigger opportunities that are more rewarding than being employed. At this point, readers who are programmed to be employees will usually exit reading. What will you do yourself? Will you stop reading How to Get People Begging You to Take Up a Job? Or will you realize that you need to start doing something different to get a new result in your life? What you’ve always done has kept you in the position you are right now. Are you happy with your present situation or do you need to move to the next level?


If you continue reading, you’ll discover how not to depend on employment that reward your efforts with little month-end pay or a job opportunity that never materializes. Do something new with your life and see a whole new you at the top. Once you’ve learnt that little known secret of the rich, people will want to be part of your success and they’ll wish that you’re in their company to drive the success similar to those observable in your own life. By this, I’m only addressing a fundamental setback in our individual lives and the society, especially evident among the youths.


When I started as a Network Marketer, many persons looked at me and taught that I am kind of weird. Everyone around me is looking for a job, submitting resumes everywhere they hear the slightest vacancy news. These people are in a haste to build the business of other people. At the same time, I was building my own business. In fact, I don’t call myself a Network Marketer. I prefer an entrepreneur or a businessman. I can only wish I started earlier than the age of fourteen when I started doing business. Well, I don’t do business anymore. Now, I build businesses. That’s what you can do too. When you have a successful business, anyone will want to beg you to be affiliated with your success story. That in itself is another form of business because one of my favorite way of creating a business is to have a growing network of people.


As many people as you can make to beg you for a job, that’s how many times more your business will grow. Stop job-hunting! Start to get people beg to join you. This is the only time you don’t get hired to build the dreams of another person. It’s worth it for a change.


I don’t help people create their dream. I give people the channel needed for them to live the kind of live they want to live. Abundance exists for everyone!


E. Joel Edison-Ighere (a.k.a. “Mr. Abundance”)

Network Marketing Expert

+234 80 3356-7715

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