According to a Disneyland Face Character is one of the dream jobs around the world. 32K people are currently entertaining the Disneyland visitors. How did they get the job? What skills do you need to get hired? Read below and find out.


The First Step towards Disney Industry


Working in the Disneyland is the job with a learning curve. That's why it's obligatory to attend the DCP (Disney College Program) or the PI (Professional Internships) to get there. These institutions provide extensive training, as well as learning the industry insights. You will also be taught about the appropriate behavior and secret rules, such as smiling at all the time and no ink or piercing. You 


What Jobs Can You Apply For?

Since Disneyland is the whole entertainment world, there are many options for those who would like to enjoy the fairytale. There are three locations of Disneyland in the US: Anaheim, California or The Disney World Resort in Florida. Whatever location you will choose, you'll be able to qualify for various jobs. Every day plenty of employees from face characters to accommodation managers are catering to the visitors' needs.


Three Steps to Take to Get Hired at Disneyland


Step One: Learn About the Workplace 

  • The Age. For most of the jobs, you have to be at least 18 to qualify. Jobs that imply serving alcohol hire only after 21.
  • Organize your documentation. Get your social security number ready, provided you're an American. If not, don't throw in the towel. Disneyland welcomes foreign specialists as well – professional writers from CV Politan Company say that it’s a common practice for huge companies.
  • Think of the working schedule. Disneyland is a place that is open daily, especially on holidays. So, check your availability and work up a preferable schedule.
  • Consider your skills. Assess the range of skills you can apply working for Disneyland. Apply to as many jobs as you are qualified for. This will help to get hired faster.
  • Develop a positive attitude. Since Disneyland employees have to be cheerful at all times, practice this behavior at home.
  • Learn about the workers union and the pay dues. Consider applying for part-time jobs.


Step Two: Apply To Disneyland 

  • Learn the documentation requirements on Disneyland's website and get all the working documents, certificates and personal information ready.
  • Explore Disney careers. Check out the career choice at the official Disneyland website. Don’t forget to select the appropriate location. Look for the job using the keywords or the full job title.
  • Check for the required auditions. If creativity and showmanship is your strong suit, the jobs you apply for will probably require an audition. In this case, click on the audition link in the job posting or check if the audition is a walk-in.
  • Treat the job application process seriously. If there is a personality test to be taken on the website, answer all questions sincerely.
  • It goes without saying, that you should always proofread your CV before sending it out.


Step Three: Get Ready For the Interview

  • If you have an audition to do, practice it accurately. Don’t wait for the Disneyland office to call you, check the time and date for the audition and show up in time.
  • Find out as many information as you can about the interview. Apart from knowing the right place and time, check if you need to bring any additional papers.
  • Study the job specifications to elaborate on your duties and responsibilities on the interview.
  • Think of the appropriate look. As you know, the dress code is pretty strict for Disneyland employees, so try to look professional. Under no circumstances wear any Disney-related outfit or a Disney character costume - actually, even adult guests are not allowed to wear such costumes.
  • Show confidence and enthusiasm in the interview. Even if you have a hard time answering the tricky questions, show your willingness to develop professionally. Thank the interviewers for their time while looking into their eyes and confirming your positiveness with a firm handshake.


However, don't overwork your interest in the job and send a gift or a thank-you card to the interviewer.


The Perks


If you do everything right and get the job, not only will you be able to contribute to the best workplace in the world, but also appreciate all the benefits of working for Disney. These include merchandise discounts, a chance to bring guests for free and medical insurance.

Disneyland treats their employees very nicely and expects professional performance and total dedication. But most importantly, the training and experience you get at Disneyland will serve excellently in the future, if you want to change jobs. Seize this opportunity and get the chance to live your dream.

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