How to Get a Baby Girl or Boy Naturally and Accurately

You can try having intercourse 24 hours before ovulation as it is during this time the slippery cervical mucus helps the Y sperm reach the egg faster than the X (girl) sperm. You can also have your wife modify her diet by avoiding acidic foods like oranges as the boy sperms prefer a more alkaline environment.

There are many people that would like to have a particular gender of a child, Boy or Girl. Some people have only female Children but would like a male child and some people have only male and would like a female child.

But Based on our cultural and religious beliefs in Nigeria and Africa, many would not like anything artificial, they would like it natural.

During my study for this article I have actually come across so many funny ideas you would not believe exit but in the first place Andy what lead to this topic "How to Get a Baby Boy or Girl Naturally and Accurately.

I receive several calls from asking how they can have a male or female child and if Trevo can help them conceive. On the part if Trevo can help them conceive my answer is usually YES but on "How to Get a Baby Boy or Girl Naturally and Accurately my answer is usually by Nature until I discovered this amazing findings

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