When you need a quick buck on a payday loan, it can help you quickly sort out your problem due to its easy access. 12-month payday loans with no credit check are disbursed with 24 hours of approval and can be accessed online, making them within reach of anyone with a job and an internet connection.

Traditional lenders and bankers often have to do a credit history check and offer large application forms that take longer to process. It is tough and impossible for someone with a poor or no credit history to access a payday loan.

The fact that 12-month payday loans lenders do not perform a credit check means you can get approved with a bad credit history. There are few requirements necessary hence more people can qualify.

All 12-month payday loans are unsecured, so an asset base is not necessary to sort out current financial problems. Generally, a payday loan is a short-term loan, but a 12-month payday loan has a longer repayment period to allow the customer to adjust their financial standing.

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