Are you dealing with Error B0605 with HP Printer? And you don’t know how you can fix this problem? Then read this blog carefully, and you will get to know the reasons as well as the solution of the error B0605. HP Printers are world known due to its working potential. People love to use HP Printer in printing & scanning important documents. You can fix the HP Printer Error B0605 by some troubleshooting steps or you can get the guidelines to solve this issue, by well-trained techies available on HP Printer customer care.

How to fix HP Printer Error B0605?

Error B0605 shows that the firmware has been crashed and you should fix it as soon as possible. You can try enlisted methods to solve error B0605. Carefully read these steps and perform carefully.

Method 1. Printer Software Driver Previously installed on PC

  • Press the Cancel and OK buttons together and put the printer in Boot code mode. For that, press the power button on the printer and continuously press the Cancel and OK buttons.
  • Connect your printer to the computer using the USB cables.
  • Look in the drop-down list and click on HP Printer. After that click on Send firmware button.

Method 2. Install Printer Software Driver in the PC

  • Open the CD Drive and insert the Printer installation CD.
  • Press start button at the keyboard and click on Settings. After that go to Printers and faxes
  • Click on Add a Printer, which will start the Add Printer wizard. Then click on Next.
  • Check the box next to ‘Local Printer attached to this computer’ and uncheck detect and install my plug and play printer, then click on Next.
  • Select the file and click have disk
  • Then navigate to the CD Drive, where you inserted the installation CD previously, and click OK.
  • Double click on the printer installation CD, then click on the Next button.
  • Click on printer name, and click on Next button.
  • Select No, then click on Next.
  • Check that the printer is listed in Printer and Faxes
  • Right click on the printer and properties.
  • Click ports tab and view the USB port.
  • Close the wizard.

These steps are quite complicated but you will definitely get over this issue. If are not able to perform or understand above given steps. Then contact with HP printer customer support and get a long-lasting solution.


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