How to fix Coiling or ink cartridge issues

Hp provides a wide range of printers to choose from. You can choose from the models available which fulfill your requirement. The HP printers work best when they are used with genuine ink cartridges and they should be inserted with utmost care. Avoiding this can result in various printing or ink cartridges issues which can further stop you from using your printer. To get the required help for such issues as well as other Hp issues, calling on HP Support Phone Number might help.


To fix the coiling or ink cartridge issues, consider the given tips mentioned below:


  • It is very important to use genuine Hp ink cartridges as it the most common reason for issues with ink cartridges. Using HP cartridges will provide you with quality prints. Also, the printer might fail to recognize any other ink cartridge and will stop printing.
  • In case of getting blank or black pages while printing, clean the ink cartridges and the printer makes sure the ink has not dried. Make sure the ink cartridges are properly aligned.
  • To resolve the issue of missing lines while printing with your HP printer, then check if the ink cartridges have been properly installed and all the required tapes have been removed.
  • If you are getting horizontal or vertical lines while printing, then it is the time toner needs to be replaced.
  • If you feel the ink cartridges have not been properly, remove them gently and replace them again. This will resolve the ink cartridges.
  • Try resetting the printer. Take the ink cartridges out, clean them gently and then put them back into the printer. This will clear the printer’s memory and will also remove the dust from the ink cartridges.


After using the above-mentioned tips, for a better troubleshooting, you can directly call at the HP Printer Phone Number. For further detailed help regarding ink cartridge issues, you can have a direct talk with the technicians and they will definitely provide you with the best of solutions. Here we ensure a smooth experience with our technical agents and guaranteed solutions for all your HP printer issues. It is never too late to get help, if you are facing any issue with HP printer, don’t forget to contact us. Technical errors are evergreen and so our technical support system is.

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