How to Farm PoE Currency with Low Tier Scourged Maps - PoE 3.16

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How to farm PoE Currency with low-tier scourged maps easily? Today MmoGah will share five tips with you. The following content derives from wudijo's YouTube video,
and you can subscribe to his channel if you like the guide. Now let's jump into
this farming guide.




1. Scourge up easy low-tier maps with great rewards, focus on currency, gems, essences, stacked decks, etc.


I tried out the scourged maps a bit more, and they seemed to be extremely rewarding. Here's one
of those examples of the scourged maps that I'm currently progressing on.


These maps can be highly profitable for quite little investment. You can scourge up your maps right now because
they are extremely good. When you're progressing through low-tier contains
white maps, you can get a lot of currency from here. You can also easily get an
Exalted Orb or more per map
in just a few minutes. Usually, you get plus one of these rewards for every
tier of the scourge, which can be extremely rewarding.


Here's a full list of the things that you can get, and as you can see, there are unique items,
stacked decks, catalysts, gems, basic currency items, and so on, so you can
find even Chaos Orbs.





2. Ignore maps & item rewards and start working on another map if they roll too much.



3. Don't make them too hard - they can get incredibly difficult to run.


Every time you scourge the rewards up, they will become more and more difficult. You will lose your life
over time, so you need to make sure that they don't make the PoE Maps too crazy to be able
to run.



4. Alch & go


Use an orb of alchemy and throw it into the crucible and scourge it up.



5. Use the Scourge mechanic in other maps as much as possible to juice up your maps faster.


If you consistently activate the scourge mechanic, you can get those maps up to rank six, eight, or
ten even in no time, and you can just run them to get a lot of rewards. It's incredible
what you can get there, even on just white maps. Some of these maps can get
incredibly hard when they roll certain modifiers, especially monsters that deal
more damage. It can be tough even on tier 1 because it can scale together with
the blood stacks that make the scourge monsters deal more damage.


The investment is not exactly high. It takes just some random low-tier maps, and you don't have to
worry even if it breaks or if it's not very rewarding.


If you look at the list of the modifiers when you run these low-tier maps, it's not worth going
for something like enchanted items or abyss jewels or fractured items because they're
going to be low level. There are also maps and influenced items. All the stuff
is not necessarily very valuable at lower levels. But all the currency things
and fossils, essences, stack decks, whatever, it doesn't care about the map
level. So this is where you can get all the juicy loot.



This is what I want to share. Welcome to Here you can get
tons of free PoE Builds and Cheap PoE Items. I hope you're
having a blast in the scourge league.

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