How to Design and Printing Cosmetic Boxes for Cosmetic Packaging for Less

Cosmetics Cosmetic boxes are one of those eye-catching products. As each cosmetic product varies from each other, so does its packaging. These boxes are designed in such vibrant colors that they draw your attention towards them.

The packaging of cosmetic items is very sparkling and glossy that you are automatically convinced to buy what is inside the package. Each cosmetic varies in size and shape, so different packages are prepared for their packaging.

Why Customization.

  • Customization means giving your brand and product its face and shape. With the customization, you can have any kind and type of packaging for your product you like. It gives you numerous options in color, size, shape and effects. Customization assists you to build your mark by enhancing its visibility among other brands in the business world.

  • Customization supports you to maintain the condition of the product until it reaches the consumer. They protect the product from environmental hazards by giving intact packaging.

  • These boxes represent a unique look of the packaging. Using creative and different options, you can enhance your box's visibility among the other products available in the market.

  • Catchy designs and vibrant colors always attract the customer more than a simple packaging of a product.
  • It helps build your brand. Printing your company logo and additional information about the company and the product enables you to create a brand image, which is very beneficial to your business. The first impression should always be appealing and eye-catchy, which will affect the customer.
  • The box is eco-friendly, which means they can decompose after being thrown, not damaging the environment.


  • These boxes are very attractive and lightweight, easily carried to different places with you to any occasion.

  • These boxes have a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. You can make a unique design by yourself or depends on customer preferences.
  • These boxes are lightweight, and airtight, which makes shipping or a long travelling route easy. They are easy to load in any transporter. These boxes are light in weight which makes the shipping cost very economical for these boxes.


  • Typically people use square or rectangle-shaped boxes, but with the customization, you can have any shape of the package depending on customer choice.


  • You can have the different dimension of the box apart of the standard size. Your size can rely on your product size; for example, you can have a small elegant size depending on the product's quantity or large extent.
  • Customization gives you an option to make a box that holds the product in its place, so it will not get ruin while transporting.


  • You can add particular messages, personal messages on the box for giving to someone special, different color effects, graphics, designs yet you can apply anything of your choice on the box.


There is a wide range of materials available in the market for the manufacturing of cosmetics boxes. Different materials serve the same purpose that is representing and safety of your product. Each material has its benefit, but collectively we can use all of them to manufacture cosmetic boxes. Materials used in manufacturing are

  • linen material
  • Rigid material
  • Corrugated and
  • Cardboard material boxes etc.


To enhance the packaging of a product coating is very beneficial. It can provide a silk-smooth or a shimmery surface. Which gives the boxes a neat and detailed finish look. The packaging is beautiful and feels smooth while holding in hand. There are some standard coating options available in the market.

  • Satin finish provides you with a balanced look, and it gives you a medium glossy finish which is not very shiny and not very dull. It gives a silky and velvety surface.
  • The gloss finish provides you with the glossy and shimmery look. This look reflects a lot of light.
  • Matte is usually one shade colour. It does not include shimmer or gloss.

Each coating provides a particular feature, and if they are appropriately applied, they can be very beneficial for the product and the business.


Add-ons are giving your packaging an extra layer of a beautiful look. Some Add-ons available in the market are:

  • Debossing
  • Embossing
  • Foiling
  • Spot UV
  • Foiling
  • PVC Window Cutting

To give the product an excellent smooth touch factor, embossing and debossing is the real key. When you emboss your company name on the box, it becomes noticeable with the touch. The same way debossing works for the product. At the same time, other add-ons are used to enhance the beauty of the box.


Inserts are used to enhance the inner look of your box. It gives refinement to your box. There are few inserts available in the market are

  • Paper
  • Foam
  • Punch
  • Fence

These inserts promote your brand and work as a silent marketing tool for your product.


Wholesale Custom Product Boxes.

With numerous options for customization, you can choose the best packaging for your product. With the proper combination, all the possibilities are highly cost-effective.

They could be more in your budget if you choose cosmetic packaging wholesale. The prices are different when it comes to wholesale usually it comes with various offers and discounts.




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