How to Clean your Mattress to keep Bedbugs and Dustmites away PERMANENTLY!

When we sleep well; we tend to look, feel and perform well.

How well you sleep depends a lot on your mattress — mainly its quality and how well you take care of it. However, mattresses can become a breeding ground for Bedbugs as well as Dustmites which can trigger a range of illnesses.

Some Facts about Bedbugs and Dustmites

dust mitesDustmites

Bed bugs, are small wingless insects that feed on the blood of warm blooded-animals – so humans are an ideal hosts for them. They are called bed bugs because of their preferred habitat in human homes: sofas, bed mattresses and other soft furnishings. According to, they can last for several months without feeding. If there is no food around they can become dormant for over a year.

On the other hand, Dr. Lisa Arkley explains on Mailonline that Dust mites are harmless but their droppings and body fragments can cause colds and make asthma and hay fever worse. Just like bedbugs, they like warm moist environments, the bed is the perfect environment. They reproduce so there can be about 10 million per bed (they are micro in size).


How to Eradicate them from Mattresses

Mattresses generally contain the highest number of allergens in our homes, including molds, bacteria and viruses, so cleaning them regularly is very important. Here are some tips on how to keep your mattress clean and permanently free of bedbugs and dustmites:

  • Use Disinfectant: When washing bed linen add a laundry disinfectant such as Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser, which claims to kill 99 per cent of bacteria in temperatures as low as 30°C
  • Encase your bed: As soon as you have encased it and zipped it shut, any bed bug trapped inside will eventually die – as long as you do not unzip it. However, note that encasing your bed do not stop bed bugs from crawling onto them.
  • Use Hot Water: Wash the bedding and mattress covers in hot water of over 130F.  This will kill any dust mites.
  • Flip and Rotate: Once in a while flip over or rotate your mattress; this can prolong the life of your mattress and allows for an even wear and tear.
  • Low Humidity Levels: Since dust mites and bedbugs prefer warm, moist, dark environments, try to keep your bedroom humidity levels below 50% and the room temperature below 70 degrees when possible

There are other methods for taking care of your mattress that addresses problems such as sagging, mildew, and staining. You can find a detailed list on Clean and Scentsible

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