How To Buy A Domain Name For Your Small Business

Before moving forward on how to buy a domain name, let’s know what actually a Domain is. A domain name is a string that interprets the huge network or control within the Internet world. Domains are formed under the rules and principles of Domain Name System. Just like how your name makes you different from others; similarly, a domain name which is nothing but your web address will make your site unique, striking and exclusive to enhance your business. Hence to attract more traffic it is vital that the domain you choose and buy should be unique. It is also the first major and basic step in making your business grand. Today, choosing and buying a domain is not too difficult. All you have to follow are few basic necessary steps and you are done with buying the domain.


Choose your website’s name:

No matter what name you choose for the website; it should be influential enough so that your website gets more traffic. The name you choose for your website should be easy to read and pronounce and should be related to your business ideas. Also, the name should be permanently acceptable in the virtual world.

Find a web host:

A web host is a place where you can find and buy domain name online. This is the online place where your domain is registered and then your website is made. Why find the best web host? Because it helps to maximize the website’s visibility through all search engines. It further permits people to have a better communication, allows precise virus scanning, develops attractive plugins on the website. Buying best website can be pocket-friendly as the whole processes are now come up with many offers. Such web hosts are the best for SMEs to look forcontent management systems. Some best and renowned web hosts that are appropriate for businesses are GoDaddy, Inmotion, WordPress, Namecheap and more to name. You can check more information regarding various discounts they provide.

Buy a domain name:

After you come up with the desired name and the host, go ahead with buying the same. Note that buying a domain requires patience and time because you need to read all offers precisely.

Let’s consider an easy example to study properly. GoDaddy is a renowned domain name registrar so let’s continue with it. Since it gives up good offers and prices it is used prominently by the users.

Here are few steps required:

Visit and surf for the desired domain name you wish. Ensure that the domain name you wish is available. If it’s not, then you can’t buy it. In case if it is available, GoDaddy will inquire if you want .com version (by default). If you want to have two domain types then select two desired domains. Note that, both the domains should be selected at this stage because GoDaddy doesn’t provide options to add extensions later. On next page, you will be asked for domain privacy.

This is to hide your personal data from someone surfing for the domain owner. Click ‘Continue’ and ‘Register’ to create a new account or log in if you already have one. Further, you will find review your purchase options. Scroll down to enter a discount code if you have. Again crosscheck to view all the domains you have added properly. The period of the package by default is 2 years but you can change it according to your convenience. Once you are ready and every detail is checked, proceed further for payment. And lucky, you are done. By now you will get a confirmation mail and a password which is to be kept safe and secure for further assessments.

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