Content creation is a very important part of your marketing strategy, and therefore, your business growth strategy.

In today’s fast-pacing world, you have to be able to keep up with the innovation and creation-demand of content so your business can stand a chance in the tough cyber crowd.

Data shows that content creation, which basically means the way you communicate with your customer, is a huge part of how you attract potential customers and keep them, making your business grow.

So, since content is king and an imperative part of your attainment of success, how do you boost your preexisting content and ensure that the new ones are great?

The answer to these questions is strategy. You must have a strategy, a laid out plan, on how you can produce great content.

There are many strategies to boost your E-commerce content, but below we’re going to see the ones that really work.

Smart-up your content

Data mining is basically the use of all data generated by your customers to create a better experience for them while they are visiting your website.

So you go through this data to learn their buying habits, products they’ve searched, and pages that turned them off.

With this kind of information, you can boost your content by personalizing it to each individual customer.

Data mining can give your e-commerce store significantly more advantages, so ensure you get the most out of it.

You can consider outsourcing data mining as well if you prefer; outsourcing has numerous advantages as it can spare you a considerable amount of time and cash, so you can concentrate on your core business needs.

With Data mining you create better content that will generate more revenue and help retain your current clients.

Online tools

If you have the data on your customers, but you don’t know how to use it means that you need to hire some content or resume writing experts to create, structure and improve the content for you.

That’s when you can use online tools to improve your content. There are many online tools and we’ll see the best of them below.

But before we do, remember that generating content just for the sake of quantity is a bad idea. If you want to grow your e-commerce business in the long run, you need quality.

1. Google Analytics

The first online tool is one that any business ought to have on their webstore site. In spite of the fact that there are numerous undeniable advantages of having Analytics installed on your website, there are a few elements that are basic for those in the e-commerce business. For instance, distinguishing conversion funnels with Analytics and creating events is critical to see which channels are playing out the best and where your conversion is failing to achieve the expected results.

2. Google AdWords

In spite of the fact that search tools may not generally have the most noteworthy conversion rates, it is still a standout amongst the best methods of traffic acquisition and sales promotion. Despite the fact that you will need to choose which is the best approach to promote your business – whether through search, display, or both – having a very engaged search strategy for the holiday season is an unquestionable requirement for e-commerce.

3. Lucky Orange

Sometimes Google Analytics isn't sufficient. Tragically most SMBs can't bear the cost of top rack analytics bundles. That is the place Lucky Orange strides in. Offering a reasonable investigation arrangement with huge amounts of components that you can't get from Google Analytics like visitor "heat maps," form analytics, and visitor recordings, this is an unquestionable requirement for any business that needs to show signs of improvement knowledge into how visitors communicate with their website

4. AdRoll

Finally, is AdRoll. Distinguishing itself as the main retargeting platform, AdRoll is an absolute necessity for retailers that need to regain the attention of visitors that did not purchase—or did not purchase enough. Albeit numerous businesses keep their retargeting endeavors in AdWords utilizing their remarketing stage, AdRoll makes a phenomenal job in showing you why you shouldn't do that.


Social media

Another great way to improve your e-commerce content is to make it social media friendly. But what does that mean?

First, you have to add more images and videos to your content. Surveys show that a link gets more likes and shares if they have visual cues.

Then you have to make it lean. This doesn’t mean that the content has to be short, but with today’s attention span it has to look easy-to-read on the eyes.

Another important thing is to consider what are the first things your potential customers will see. The answer is the image of the product and the headline.

The headline is one of the most important thigs in content creation. Many content creators spend as much time creating the headline as they spent writing the content.

This is due to the fact that the headline is what will grab the buyer’s attention.

So if you use social media in the right way your sales will multiple.

Visual Content

As mentioned above, visual content will improve your overall content. It’s like steroids for e-commerce content.

If you can’t see what you’re buying, then it’s unlikely you’ll buy it.

Visual content can be more than just the image of the product. You can, for example, show images of the use the product can have. Even use a little humor to make the content (and the brand) closer to the visitor.

Make it personal

The last, and maybe the most powerful way to make you content better, is to make it personal.

Good marketing appeal to the customers’ emotions. They must feel they need to have whatever is that you’re selling.

And they also have to care, not only just about the product but also your brand.

If you make your content more personal, tailored for your client, your content will improve and your sales increase.


So if you want to improve your e-commerce content, remember that you have to use all the data you can gather on your customer.

Then, you use this to tailor the perfect content that will grab their attention.

Make it personal, use visual cues, and use the online tools to enhance your whole strategy.       

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