How to Attract Asian Women - Learn the Facts From Someone With Success

Do you really want to know how to attract. Victoria Hearts Asian women Many of the guys writing articles have no experience and are going on theory. I can give you the facts. I have visited Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. I have met and dated Asian women in the USA. My final piece of proof, I am married to a beautiful Filipina 20 years younger than me. If you want to attract Asian women you need to get one thing straight, they are not expecting you to chase them aggressively like an American girl might expect. They expect you to become their friend, the confidant, and truly be interested in them. Do not take this step lightly guys, they are not going to fall for all the tricky pickup lines. They want to see the real you.

Another critical item, you must be interested in her family. I am not talking about a passing interest, a deep interest. You might think you are tight with your family, she is even tighter with hers. Family is everything in most Asian cultures. They live with their families longer. They respect their elders. If you want to know how to attract Asian women, and make them deeply interested in you, become deeply interested in their family. One word of warning, you probably are going to believe your Asian lady is the most beautiful creature in the world. To you she is. To herself she is probably just another average girl from her city or province. If you start traveling in Asian countries you will quickly learn she is right. Some of the men in her country may find her very plain, ordinary, or even ugly. Assure her of your belief she is pretty, but do not get too crazy about it.

Buying an Asian woman simple gifts is greatly appreciated. When I was chasing my Filipina wife I sent her teddy bears, flowers, chocolates, and other little treats. I bought pizza and ice cream for her and her friends. Those kinds of gifts help to show you are serious, and not just playing around. Look at the end of the last paragraph again, it is says something very important. If you want to know how attract Asian women you will need to show them you are serious, and not just playing around. They want a man who is going to stand beside them for the rest of their life. They do not believe in divorce and think Americans are out of their minds. Hopefully you agree with them.

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