How to Apply Proper Use of Mobile Device in Church

Nowadays, many churches who acknowledge technology during service face anti-tech side-eyes. Unquestionably, there are some many churches who think devices are big distraction to their members. What will be your opinion about denying church members access to their mobile devices inside church? Since younger people see their device as a natural part of their daily lives. Most times they don’t see it as disrespectful act or distraction.

Majority of them, obtain more engagement with the service through their mobile device. Inspiring part is that they can easily share what touches them on social media. Also text to friends who need an encouragement to their spiritual lives. They search for Bible passages and get more clear understanding by translating to their local languages, and also take notes of every word that goes out from pastor or the leadership.
In some of our churches today, members face a digital divide, as a result of church authority. 

If they can welcome tech friendly members they need to close the gap and welcome device in church. Because the world has turned to a digital place, and we need to flow with the advantage, by encouraging text messages in church with a proper uses:

1. Apply Proper Use- Mobile phone is a great tool, to engage in church; the best ways to make a change is by model the proper use. It might be a pastor preaching with a tablet among the congregations, while they take important notes on their device. It very simple to use device in church. 

2. Pastors would set expectations - One of the most effective parts is setting expectations, by reminding everybody to silence their phones before the service start. But still encourage them to access their note pads and Bible Apps.

3. Text Campaign - Obviously, it requires a text campaign to change their minds. Reminding them on weekly activities can easily pass through text message, instead of making urgent announcement. Using sms shortcode during service to ask questions create more engaging atmosphere, more especially younger members.

Use text message to help your congregation, accept new methods and new approaches. Text message cost less than every other digital marketing platform; it can only be little higher, if you don’t have your own sms portal. Let us setup sms portal for you and give you a good mentionship on how to use it.

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