How Students Can Benefit From HND Programs Now?

Education remains an important aspect in every person’s life and acquiring an education is not an easy task. People are faced with multiple obstacles and many people are not able to complete their education in a smooth manner. But as we are moving forward, we are coming up with new remedies to a variety of problems. From a while, many of us are often hearing about ‘HND programs’ as well.

What is HND?

Higher National Diploma or HND is a form of higher education qualification consisting of work-related courses offered by colleges mainly in the UK. These courses are not equivalent to a Bachelor’s or a Master’s or basically any kind of degree of any kind but they are proving highly beneficial in the previous years.

HNDs are fundamentally vocational in nature and their prime focus lies more in practical doing than learning. They instead drive you towards acquiring skills that can directly assist you in the workplace rather than learning a number of theoretical concepts first and then waiting for practical implementation of those concepts.

Do HNDs Guarantee Employment?

HNDs are more than often equivalent to two years of a Bachelor program so while they are not equivalent to a degree, they do however increase the chances of finding employment which directly pertains to your curricula. Majority of students with degrees complain that they did not learn anything of value which would aid them in practical life or in the workplace and instead they have to rely on lowly paid and sometimes unpaid internships to get hands-on experience of professional life. With an HND, you need not to stress about gaining experience because your HND assignments are as such that they gain you practical skills and knowledge directly.

Which Areas Can We Study HND Programs In?

With time, a number of subject areas are available in HND Programs such as the ones listed below:

  • Hospital and Healthcare
  • Business and Management
  • Media Sciences
  • IT and Computing
  • Engineering

All of the above-listed subject areas are easily available in HND Programs. Within a short amount of time, you can start as an operation theatre technician assisting in live surgeries, you can be a graphic designer for an advertising company or an animator for a film, you can be an IT Officer in an organization or a web developer working freelancing as well and many more. HND Programs open the gateways to practical job prospects and you can get to earning in a relatively short period of time.

What Benefits Can We Get From HND Programs?

After reading all the content above, you must have inferred many benefits which HND Programs offer now. HND programs are once again, NOT equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree but if studied with concentration and utilized properly, students can gain a lot from them.

Below listed are some detailed benefits students can avail from HND Programs:

  • Affordability and Time-Saving: The main factor which has caused the birth and subsequent rise in the HND Programs is that students are able to learn their desired subjects in a shorter period of time with fewer costs incurred. Students belonging to lower middle-class backgrounds suffer greatly when it comes to studying from a well-renowned university, mostly because of the heavy costs associated with them. Many of them give up on their dreams and settle for low paying jobs which only enable them to barely make ends meet. Even students who manage to complete their college degree struggle with the tuition debt when they are not able to get jobs due to inexperience. But this can be avoided now.
  • Stepping-stone: As mentioned, HND Programs are not equivalent to a college degree, but many universities are offering options to ‘top up’ credits and allow students with HNDs to start studying from the third year and finish their respective degree. This allows students to be able to complete their degrees later as well while giving them practical knowledge.
  • Improved career prospects: Due to the vocational nature of HND Programs, people find it easier getting jobs with practical skills and knowledge and it allows them to work more efficiently and quickly as well as opposed to a fresh college graduate. Often at times, older technicians in hospitals are much more skilled than the fresh doctors. You can acquire a job and hope to have increments at a much more rapid rate as well.

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