How is Oracle Still The Leader of RDBMS: Insight from a Remote DBA Expert

Do you need a company database that is reliable, accurate and lightning fast? You should try the Oracle NoSQL database. It has an endless scalability potential that can give you complete control over security, accessibility and transaction performance. Taking good care of your Oracle NoSQL database can be a challenge, especially if you are not a programmer. Therefore, you should stay in touch with remote DBA assistance to update your databases, insert and remove data.

The latest goodies form Oracle

The new versions of this Oracle database support an endless list of drivers. Java, C++, Python, and C are all a part of the driver's list. It also includes a C# driver in the new version that allows your C# applications to access relevant data in the Oracle NoSQL database. The UPDATE statement allows all users to perform a single row, server-side updates. It supports SQL and the standard SET clause. 

Why invest in Oracle?

Here, many people start asking, why companies go ahead and use Oracle even though it seems more complicated and is of course costly. Would companies not be far better off using MySQL databases?

  • Oracle might be paid and its Enterprise edition rather expensive for many small companies. However, it also offers some of the best partitionings, and sub-partitioning features RDBMS have offered so far.
  • Oracle knows how to handle nested sub-queries, unlike MySQL, which is still struggling to figure out how. It can even handle the more complex recursive queries, which MySQL has not even attempted so far.
  • It can manage all kinds of queries and codes inside your RDBMS.
  • Oracle supports the use of reusable code that interacts with data objects. It involves writing code outside the RDBMS.
  • Using Oracle means, you will get a chance to customize your data storage solutions, your data space, your database and include a significant amount of variability.
  • Oracle can surely scale much better than MySQL; both horizontally and vertically. Their data compression model is also far more sophisticated than other contemporary database models.
  • Most importantly, while running backups, you do not need to "pause" the Oracle database functions. It gives entrepreneurs and remote DBAs the opportunity to think about the development of new business data management apps since they do not have to worry about data corruption as much. 
  • The data dictionaries from Oracle are highly sophisticated in comparison to MySQL. If you are interested in meta programming, you are going to have a gala time using Oracle instead of MySQL.

Oracle might cost you a few pretty bucks, but for any company, organization or industry, it is a small investment in terms of future revenues. Oracle just makes handling and storing data much easier. It does have a steep learning curve, and that's why companies like are here to help you with remote database administration assistance. 

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