How is inpatient drug rehab beneficial?

Drug addiction can affect anyone and is common in Arizona. People suffering from mental illness or bad home environments can look towards drugs of any kind as an escape-- a way to lessen pain and, depending on the drug used, literally escape reality. It can start out with cigarettes, then to marijuana which the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) considers the “gateway drug” to more dangerous connotations. Drugs that are severely addictive and have major withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous when a user decides to quit on their own. Some of these drugs include heroin, cocaine, or alcohol.

When someone decides that they need help, or when loved ones such as family members or friends, have determined that their addiction causes more harm than good, an inpatient drug rehab center is a step in the right direction. Rehabilitation facilities house patients and give them the proper care and education to lead them towards recovery. There are many benefits for not only a drug user but also the people that surround him or her.

Health Benefits for the Patient and Family

While staying at a drug rehab institution, a patient will receive different types of care at the hand of nurses and psychological professionals. Drug abuse is not only a physical illness but a mental one too. Being in care at a rehabilitation institution helps the patient through the withdrawal symptoms with medical professionals through a process known as “detoxification” which is much healthier for the body, rather than he or she going through it alone.

Outside of physical benefits, there are also psychological benefits. As per-mentioned, drug addiction just as much a body illness as it is a mental one. Inpatients are supported by psychiatrists and therapists to help find the route of the issue-- why did this person turn to drugs in the first place? How can that be helped? Is there an underlying mental illness that went undiagnosed? What are the next steps that this person may not know how to take on their own and need a guiding hand? With the care and loving support is given by nurses and the community of other inpatients, people who receive care here can find a home as they grow as a person. It is a new environment, possibly out of a toxic one which leads to abuse as suggested by the AddictionCenter.

On the opposite hand, inpatient rehab is also beneficial to the family and friends of the person in question. Knowing that someone important to them is getting the help that they need, can relieve a lot of stress off of a family. It’s an easy, calm state of mind for everyone involved.

What Comes Next

After the patient successfully becomes able to function without the need for illicit drugs, their journey at the rehab facility does not stop there. They have access to a groundbreaking network of people who want to help continue their sobriety with education and resources to do so. They do not need to fight this battle alone.

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