Today, it is an established fact that Africa is a continent filled with great, untapped potential, especially in the digital and payment processing landscape. This fact is further reinforced every day, through the continuous establishment of creative and improved payment processing institutions which help make a positive difference in the activities and operations of the business and people they were created to help in the first place. This is the reason and purpose of Fincra, to make a positive difference in the effective functioning of businesses, people and their consumers through the creation of quick, effective, and efficient payment solutions.

Fincra is only able to create these sort of payment solutions by closely following the financial trends that actually have an impact on the execution of businesses, as well as people’s lives which today thrives on technology. According to the Sub-Saharan Africa mobility report by Ericsson, “Mobile phone penetration is predicted to exceed 100% in 2021.” This statement by Ericsson shows that mobile phone harbors the possibilities to produce solutions that will contribute to the growth and economic development of Africa as a whole.

Making investments in the formation of idea and implementation of payment solutions for businesses in Africa is a sure way of driving the economy of the continent towards growth and success. This is one of the major rationale behind the creation and introduction of Fincra into the African business space. Fincra puts in the required efforts in time and finances, in creating an effective payments processing system that allow businesses across Africa to have a chance to also play a role in the global economy, while engaging and forming partnerships that will help businesses attain respective objectives at the end of the day. Despite still being in its early years of operation, Fincra already has established successful payment solutions which have been utilized across several markets in Africa today.

One of the most important feature in this regards is the introduction of Cross Border in payments for businesses across Africa. Fincra is the first payment processing company to introduce this type of solution across the continent, and so far, it has experience huge success. This success can be attributed to the numerous advantages which Cross Border payments comes with, including the likes of security, low transaction fees, global acceptance, and so on. The futuristic mind of the management allowed it to move in the direction of the future of payment on a global level, of which very one will payments.

Fincra offers consumers, merchants, SMEs, and MSMEs, the liberty to make and accept payments through a mobile device. This is a solution which eliminates numerous problems encountered with electronic payments, while also drastically reducing the cost of setting up a payment infrastructure like the point-of-sale (POS) devices. As a result, Fincra promote and simplify operational efficiency for businesses which are the wheels of development anywhere in the world.

The Payment solutions offered by Fincra is not just an advantage for businesses, but also offer more to consumers. The consumers of the products offered by many businesses enjoy security by having to pay for goods and services online and then having such services delivered to their homes or devices, as the case may be. This allows consumers the opportunity to make transactions in places where they were previously restricted, leading to financial inclusion in an ideal and quantifiable manner.

Having become one of the best payment solution provider in Africa today, it is clear to notice the kind of power which Fincra wields in impacting lives and businesses – it is expected that Fincra will attain numbers reaching 100 million customers by the end of 2023, taking many of these customers to greater economic heights which never have been attained before.

Payment solutions through Fincra is continuously earning the recognition which it deserves, as the basis of financial inclusion for many businesses. Having vowed to continue creating more payment solutions which embrace technology for its customers, Fincra will be able to help more businesses attain the financial freedom which many dream of, through the ability of making and receiving payments in a secure and hitch-free manner.

As a payment processing company, Fincra identifies how effective collaborations can be, and as such intends to partner with other companies with identical goals in both private and public sector. These partnerships will go a long way in creating effective solutions which help businesses exceed the boundaries created by cash in financial inclusion. To show the dedication of Fincra to impacting the lives and businesses of the African people, we will continue to inquire for and collaborate with partners to create payment solutions which will allow financial inclusion in an ideal and quantifiable manner.


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Comment by Juan de la Siebelsternberg on November 19, 2021 at 11:42am

It seems to me that the transition to the digital world happened quite unexpectedly because many people still pay in cash and don't want to use credit cards. Nevertheless, every entrepreneur should offer the option of paying by card. I like the company that can be viewed on this link because it offers exactly that kind of service. Everything related to payment processing.

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