How Do I Get My Hotmail Account Unblocked?

Microsoft may block your Hotmail account due to numerous reasons. In most of the cases, the reason behind a Blocked Hotmail is that your account has been compromised and someone is using your Hotmail account to send a lot of junk emails. However, there can be other reasons as well that might have lead to Blocked account. If your Hotmail account has been suspended temporarily, it is suggested to wait for a few hours as sometime the problem gets resolved automatically, but if it doesn’t, you can try following these steps to get your Hotmail account unblocked.

Steps to Unblock Hotmail Account

1.) Go Microsoft sign-in page and enter your Username (Email, phone, or Skype).

2.) Click Next, a new page will open.

3.) Click Forgot my password. You will be directed to the process of resetting of your password.

4.) On the next page, select the appropriate option and click Next.

5.) Enter the captcha shown in the provided field and click Next.

6.) Next, you will be prompted to verify your identity as the rightful owner of the account by choosing one of the given options on the next page and fulfilling the requirement. Generally the options include a phone number or email address which you would have added at the time of registration.

7.) As per the selected option, you will receive a code on your phone or email address. Enter the code on the subsequent page and verify it to get to the Password Reset page.

8.) On the Password Reset page, enter your new password and confirm it. You will be allowed access to your Hotmail account by using this password.

Note: In case, in Step 6, if you don’t recognize the verification options (Phone number or email address), click I don’t have any of these and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

So, this is how you can try unblocking your Hotmail account. In case, you are unable to follow the given steps or facing some other issue in your Hotmail account, get in touch with our third-party Hotmail customer support team. We have a team of professional technical experts who are known for delivering reliable and quality solution for every Hotmail related queries and issues.

To contact our customer support team, you can use any of the following communication lines. All our communications lines are made available 24 by 7.

  • 24-Hour customer service helpline number (toll-free)
  • 24-Hour live chat support.
  • 24-Hour email support.


If the problem still persists, then feel free to Contact Hotmail customer care service support  team on toll free helpl... and get the instant support along with the prompt resolution.

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heyy.. thanks for your helps. its very useful.

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