How can online calculators be more helpful to math students?

Not to say that students including math and physics guys don’t already use the internet to get help in their studies but we are talking about some key specifics here. These could be helpful for those students who are unaware of them and not reaping the benefits. 

We are discussing key mathematical concepts here that are frequently used by math and physics students to solve mathematical problems. However, the manual calculations of these functions and operators is like reinventing the wheel. Not worth the valuable time a future mathematician or physicist can spend solving problems with the help of these functions, formulas and operators.

These students generally carry scientific calculators along with their limitations, unsurprisingly! A scientific calculator would provide you a lot of functions that don’t exist in a basic calculator. However, even this is not enough, since there are innumerable things that need calculations that aren’t included in these calculators and students generally have to waste a lot of time figuring them out manually. 

Even smartphones and laptops don’t include these applications in default. This is a big problem, but when all else disappoints, the internet wont! So we outline the information of some great mathematical applications that you can use to help in your math stuff. 

Here goes! 

1: Factor Calculator 

You can think of factor as a number which is divisible by an integer (excluding decimal numbers). Correspondingly, factoring is to find the factors of a given number.

Not to say you can’t factor an expression using a calculator but it’s still pointless, it would be time consuming, you’d have to work out the numbers yourself. However, with an online tool such as an online Factor calculator, you can simply input the expression and factorize it. And rather than reinvent the wheel, you can use the same time to work on other problems. 

2: Permutation Calculator

Permutation refers to the number of order-based configurations you can make out of a set of population. Permutations are orderly and non-repeatable. Calculation of permutations are crucial in statistical mechanics and some domains of mathematics. 

And again, We are presented with a limitation when it comes to scientific calculators, they don’t include the formula for permutation and you have to work out all the math and the formula yourself to be able to calculate it with a scientific calculator and again, that takes time which we don’t want to waste, do we!

To make our case, the formula for permutation is given below and how calculating it manually or with a scientific calculator takes more time than faster alternatives.

nCr = n!/(n-r)!


n = the population

r = the size of permutation sample

! = factorial 

If the population and the permutation sample size is large enough, working them out with their factorial becomes extraordinarily time consuming even with a scientific calculator. However, you can simply circumvent this situation by using a typical online permutation calculator where you just input the population size, the permutation sample size and voila! It would save you plenty of time.  

3: Covariance calculator

Covariance is the gauging or relation between two random variables in statistics and mathematics. This is also an important aspect in many statistical and statistical mechanics problems. Again, students generally have to work out manually and then use an online covariance calculator to measure the final result.

However, this can also be avoided by using online covariance calculators where you only have to input the random variables and the tools reinvent the wheel for you while you work on the main problems. 

Concluding thoughts:

The primary purpose of this article is to highlight the fact that there are a lot of mathematical and statistical functions that aren’t included in calculators and students have to waste their valuable time to work these calculations out manually when they can let technology do this work. The internet has come a long way and there is an online tool to help you solve a lot of problems. 

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