How Avast is the Best Software to stop tracking on Internet?

In this digital era, Internet privacy has now become essential as many internet users desire to surf the internet secretly. This is moderately due to various censorship of government on internet content available. Many governments have passed laws that enable them to collect information about your internet activities.

Your internet activity might also be used by the advertisers to recognize you from their list of the people, with them spamming your email with the targeted advertisements. Though, Windows users find for the privacy tools that can keep them safe and their details/information private.

The excellent privacy tools come in the form of VPN, antivirus as well as proxy tools as they keep your details completely safe and secure. In this guide, you will learn about the top 5 best software to stop tracking.

Disconnect Browser:

The Disconnect is a browser, actually a trusted browser that basically disconnects you from the websites which it identifies to be privately storing your personal details and information. While browsing the internet using this safe browser, it will send you messages including the websites that are tracking the online activities. After that, it will end your communication with those websites.


Track Off:

Track off is other anti-tracking software that stops trackers from inspecting your activities when you are online. TrackOff helps to secure your personal information and identify by providing you inconspicuousness. TrackOff provides a complete solution against cookie-based tracking, IP and public Wi-Fi threats and the fingerprint tracking. It also blocks apprehensive cookies while keeping the useful ones. It comes with two modes that are:

  • Blackout Mode- It allows you to lock your apps anytime you want
  • Protect Mode- It requires you to assign passwords for your apps so no one can get them accessed

Tor Browser:

Tor Browser is undoubtedly the most famous browser once it comes to unidentified browsing. Mostly, Tor Browser makes allow its users to cover their personal information online with the help of encryption to make their location unseen. It also separates every website you visit so that third-party and ads trackers can’t follow you. This browser also safeguards the sites which you visit from learning your location and makes you able to access those sites which are blocked.

Avast AntiTrack:

Avast AntiTrack is developed by the antivirus software, Avast. It helps you to hide your IP address when you are surfing the internet. It even notifies the users if they are being tracked (that is very helpful). Avast AntiTrack doesn’t only identify and block trackers; it also removes your browser history. Trackers don’t have access to it making your online activities more secure and private. This software is also effective in filtering the spam messages that are very helpful against email phishing.


Malwarebytes is an online safety and security tool that offers great detecting and removal of malware. If you use Malwarebytes then you will be able to scan particular files and complete hard drives. After scanning, Malwarebytes will visit the doubtful items which were identified and will provide you an option to ignore quarantine or exclude the programs and files from all of your future scans. It also safeguards you on the internet by identifying and preventing you to access scan networks, malicious sites as well as ads.

These are a few software lists that stop tracking on internet. There are a variety of security threats online, the most widespread of which is hacking, phishing and data errors. These are possibly made because of trackers that can get into your system through apparently acquitted websites that you visit. Different anti-tracking software is in the market to solve this global issue.


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