In a family, who should bear household expenses? Husband or wife? These questions were the subject of debate at a forum I found myself recently. I was able to listen to the two sides that the ''debaters'' were torn into,though unable to make my contribution.

The two sides are: some said the spouse should equally share the cost of running a home, while the other side maintained that the woman should only play a supporting role. The man should bear the bulk of the expenses.

I think the latter stand is better because to my mind- when we say the man is the head of the home,what that means is that it is his primary responsibility to take care of his home. The issue of sharing this responsibility shouldn't originate from the man at all.

If the woman is working and she on her own volition wants to support her husband is ok but not to be expected by the man or requested for.

What do you think about this issue? Share your views.

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