A very highly respectable Nigerian sent me an alarming message this morning (08/02/2015). The message reads like this:

“I got this information from a source within the security. One of Ali Modu Sheriff’s close confidants is now on the run in Guinea Conakry. He

contacted the Nigerian Embassy in Guinea that he would like to speak with a Nigerian security personnel but not the military or SSS as he

doesn’t  trust them, because they are part and parcel of the Boko Haram crisis. He said SAS is one of the real financiers of Boko Haram, and

currently he has a lot of army and SSS officers on his payroll. He informed that three containers are arriving in Nigeria through Port Harcourt

with weapons destined for Boko Haram. A man called Hon. Chuma Nzeribe is going to clear them with the assistance of the SSS and the military,

who will escort the contents to Boko Haram territory. He said the containers were registered as building materials, but in actual sense weapons

are concealed inside them. He gave the containers numbers and the contents in each container. The government is trying to cover up. He also

supplied the names and account numbers of all military and SSS officers on the payroll of SAS. I was able to trace who that Chuma Nzeribe is. He

is a former Reps member from Anambra State and he has a lot record of criminal activities against his name.”

My take on this leaked message: Nigerians and the rest of the world witnessed a shocking treasonable event yesterday night. INEC called it

shifting of the elections date by 6 weeks, but in reality it was a military coup organised by Jonathan, PDP, Sambo Dasuki, and the service

chiefs. Professor Jega was under immense duress to sabotage the elections. After so much comings and goings, he had no choice but to succumb.

Mark my words, there will NEVER be elections of any kind that will be held in Nigeria under Jonathan's rule. This is because he and his cabal

know all too well that they will never win any free and fair elections. Furthermore, holding elections means surrendering power voluntarily to

Nigerians. This, Jonathan and his cabal are not willing to do under any circumstance. Remember not long ago, David Mark had this to say: “There

is no questions of elections, it is not even on the table now. We are in a state of war.” Not long after that, the self proclaimed bastard Doyin

Okupe, said this: “We rather hand over power to the military by engineering a coup than hand it to Muhammadu Buhari.” On 22/01/2015, the so

called National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, came all the way to London and announced at Chatam house that it was better to cancel the

forthcoming general elections because of security concerns.

In view of the above leaked memo from the spy files, and the reasons given for the cancellation of the general elections, I advise Nigerians to

be prepared for the worst. Make no mistake about it, the next 6 weeks is NOT going to be period of security enhancement for Nigerians. We will

instead witness unprecedented killings, bombings, destruction of infrastructure, and property by the marauding Boko Haram terror barbarians with

their partners in crime MEND, and MASSOB. This will then be used as another excuse to permanently postpone elections, and allow the military to

take over in the guise of an interim government.

My honest, urgent,  and well informed advise to all Nigerians is to remain calm and focussed. Instead of causing violence through senseless

demonstrations, which will achieve nothing but serve our enemies agenda, we must use this six weeks for mass mobilisation, to defend ourselves

and ancestral land from total destruction. The Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) concept works. Let every community, village, town, and city

mobilise its able bodied men over 18 to join their local CJTF. Let our people use already established local institutions like Masjids, Churches,

Social Clubs, etc as rallying points.

Three months ago (06/11/2014) we formed an organisation called CUPS (Citizens United for Peace and Security). It is a human rights based Civil

Society Organisation (CSO). Our aim at CUPS is to espouse unity, peace, and security for all Nigerians, devoid of their political, tribal,

religious, and gender orientations. Our first objective at CUPS is the development of a special document called CJTF Legal Framework. The CJTF

Legal Framework is a holistic approach to our security needs. It covers everything that any community, village, town, and city needs to create

its own CJTF volunteers forces to defend our people. This task has been very difficult, but is now near completion. Once completed, we will make

it freely available to all Nigerians.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.
Investigated by Asiwaju Olu Mayungbe Founder & Chairman, TOBOB Enterprises Group Inc. USA ( )is a subsidiary firm that was establish by him in 1990)

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