IMO state government has allowed the operators of Hot FM to behave as if the station is a James Bond without putting them where they ought to have belong by now.

The Maxim that "What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander" is still on existence hence I see no reason why Alex and Maximus will cultivate the autocratic culture of impunity, supporting PDP publicly on "peoples assembly" without any recourse to a level playing ground among all political parties. The station and her moderators are fast turning into a big monster beyond control or regulation in this state. This is the time for the government of IMO state to make a "resounding statement ".

This kind of impunity can never be tolerated by the Governors of Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Bayelsa, among other PDP states. For how long shall the Governor of IMO state keep quiet and allow this Chris Anyanwu,s impunity to continue?

If not that prof. Nnamdi Obiareri and Zik martins Nnadozie were men of intellectuals, those guys would have messed them up this morning, dragging studio with them, where they were trying hard to justify their support on Athan Achonu and PDP. If not for the intellectual capacity c** ingenuity of professor Nnamdi Obiareri and Zik who turned the table and start lecturing them, it wouldn't have been a savour outing for them. They will never allow any APC person to express himself whereas on the turn of PDP they try so hard to justify their allegiance of romance binding them together.

Hot FM is not untouchable and I would want the state government to act now because the government have so many things within her disposal in order to deal with them and nothing will happen.

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