This article will cover the above questions on the benefits Power Efficiency Guide and pitfalls to consider when embarking on a homemade wind generator project. Most definitely so. Many people world wide are already generating FREE electricity by making their own wind generators. In turn reducing their energy bills when traditional energy prices are continuing to increase! However before embarking on such a project you need to know whether it will be suitable for you given your personal circumstances. Many factors dictate if making your own windmill generator will be cost effective and if it will produce a good quantity of FREE electricity.

Some of those factors are average wind speed - No wind = No electricity! Your location, are there large buildings obstructing the wind flow Are there other obstructions like telephone wires, trees etc above the location picked for your wind generator You will need to research these points to determine suitability, however if the location is suitable then anyone with the most basic DIY skills could make a wind generator. 

There is no definitive answer to this. It will depend on how you wish to approach your project. Do you want to buy a wind turbine kit to assemble yourself or do you wish to make a windmill generator from scratch, sourcing your own components and materials How big will your wind turbine need to be How much electricity would you like your wind turbine to generate Firstly, by making your own windmill generator you will reduce your initial costs dramatically. To buy a windmill generator system and have it installed professionally can cost many thousands of dollars. A DIY windmill generator can cost less than a couple of hundred dollars to produce.

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