Holistic Dentists Are Part of a Revolution

I interviewed a holistic dentist recently as part of my search for a reliable dental care professional in my new area, just east of San Diego. I recently moved here from up north and I am trying to set everything up as a “fresh start”. I want a new doctor, new dentist...etc. all the way down to a new florist. I want all of my new connections to be with knowledgeable people who will support my new healthy lifestyle choices.


If you find yourself in the same situation as me; trying for a new start, vis à vis health and wellness, or if you’re just new in town setting everything up, this article includes my thoughts and some useful information I collected. Maybe my hard work will save you a bit of time and effort so you can focus on the important things in life, like buying a sweet new hat!

What’s a holistic dentist?

A holistic dentist is a dentist who doesn't just focus on the usual things dentists specialize in. Of course they are educated and accredited in the same way as regular dentists, and they handle all the usual oral health care stuff. Like all dentists, holistic dentists do regular check-ups, give advice on oral health and provide treatments for any problems that might come up involving your teeth.


What sets holistic dentists apart is the extras that they provide (and I am not just talking about Golf Digest magazines). Holistic dentists focus on the care of the whole patient; which is where the word “holistic” comes from.

What my holistic dentist does for me

When I go to see my dentist (he passed his interview and I have seen him twice now), we look at all the variables that involve my current health goals. For weight management we review my diet. On his advice, I started a paleo diet which includes higher good fats, protein and a lot of vegetables. I’ve lost a ton of weight already!


My dentist also introduced me to a wide range of options to manage my energy levels; including aerobic exercises, meditation and probiotics. I can’t believe that the resulting increase in my energy is from something my dentist told me!


I’ve always been passionate about eating natural and local organics, and my dentist, of all people, has been a great help in discovering new products within my price range and in my neck of the woods.


In ancient times, our ancestors went to see the village shaman for all matters medical and spiritual. Though I would never sacrifice modern medical science to experience treatment by voodoo doll, I do see some advantages to an all-in-one health professional.


The nature of knowledge and human learning is not such that only so much can be known by one person. We can keep learning our whole lives and exchange old, wrong information for new good information as we go. Holistic dentists keep learning after school and their professional interests are related to everything that leads to wellness and good health.


Specialization is good, but there is nothing wrong with a professional whose specialization is in knowing a variety of good information without sacrificing efficacy in any domain.


Thanks for reading and good luck!  


Reference: https://paigewoods.com/holistic-dentist/pros-cons-denture-adhesive/

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