Company’s Reputation

Nobody wants to work with a shady company in the name of hiring a commercial cleaning service. Everybody wants to work with a company they can trust and not one they'd leave their key with, and come back to an empty house. The big question remains, "How do you know a commercial cleaning company with a good reputation?" "Would you have to trace your way to these companies before you can ascertain for sure whether or not you can trust their staff and their cleaning expertise?"

It’s pretty simple. Ask friends around who use cleaning services for recommendations of a cleaning service company you can rely on and go over the company's reviews. If it happens that you have a lot of companies to select from, then going through and seeking honest reviews especially from your friends or fellow businesspeople can go a long way to narrow down your choices to the best one for you.

Company’s Work Schedule

A commercial cleaning company’s work schedule determines how available they are and how flexible their schedule can be to fit with yours perfectly. Do they have a lot of work on their table that they might not be able to meet up with yours even if they are willing to take the job? These are things you should find out as it wouldn’t be nice to have people show up at your house later than you scheduled because they lack enough staff or there are too many jobs for them.

Also, find out how available they are at whatever time you need them. You can’t just hire a company that works during office hours, therefore, disrupting the work going on in the company just because their reviews are screaming top-notch reliable or highly affordable. The more flexible their working schedule is, the better for you.

Work schedule also includes the kind of services offered by the commercial cleaning company you intend to hire. You have to make sure you check out the services listed on their site to know if they offer the sort of services you are in the market for. Most times you might be in search of a company that offers multiple services or one that offers a particular sort of janitorial service such as window cleaning. You don’t just go ahead and hire out of the blue because your intuition says this company is better. No. you check their work schedule as there are companies that specialize on one or two type of janitorial services and so cannot offer what you’re looking for.

Company’s Insurance And Bonding

If you don’t want to fall victim of having to replace any stolen or damaged item in the office or at your house which might have happened in the process of cleaning, then you have to be extra careful in selecting cleaning companies for hire. Whatever company you finally settle for should have insurance and bonding. This is so that you don’t end up taking responsibility for an accident or mishap as an insured company would take care of that without hassles.


Quality is the top priority and shouldn’t be fed to the dogs just because you want to cut costs or go for something cheap. Go for companies that would do the best they can to give you the desired result for the budget you have for cleaning. Some companies cut down on certain unnecessary needs and give you the most important ones to accommodate your budget, in the industry brands like Phronesis Cleaning Services provides you with affordable cleaning services pricing. Despite the need to go for the best, incorporating quality with great financial decisions will put you out of financial troubles.


Always go for commercial cleaning services that you can reach out to in case of emergencies or problems coming from any of their staff. Do they have a reliable site online where you can reach them or probably an office? They should have all these; it goes a long way to say they are trustworthy and won’t run away with your properties once handed the key to your company office or home.

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