high quality adwords account setup ans sales

Full-stack Digital Marketer, PhP coder. I've deployed and optimized over 1 million us dollar Adwords Enterprise accounts. 5years experience on Google Adwords platform working with Enterprise, Mid-level Enterprise, SMB and startup accounts as well as individual businesses


services provided


  • Account creation
  • Keyword & negative keyword research
  • Creative & unique copy
  • Bid & position management
  • Ad extensions "Sitelinks, Callouts, etc."
  • Bid & budget setup
  • Localized & global location
  • Audience observation "In-market"
  • Ad scheduling
  • Customized dashboard
  • Household income targeting "If applicable"
  • Device optimization


I also setup facebook account including all that concerns facebook



Get $350 adwords threshold account for as little as $100

Call to scale up Calls to Your Business



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