Health Insurance In Nigeria: Why You Need It

Health Insurance In Nigeria: Why You Need It

Recently, I came across a video of a Nigerian Actress; kemi Afolabi who has been critically ill for quite some years now. In fact I got to realise that she has been going through this illness for over two years. She affirmed that she has spent all of her business capital on the sickness, as well as her savings, noting that she spends one million Naira (1 million Naira) on treatment on a weekly basis (can you guess how much that will be for two years now). Yet she’s still very ill and now she needs to be taken abroad for medical treatment.

Mercy Aigbe in the video pleaded and I quote “This is a matter of emergency “. Meaning that when sickness comes, taking care of it becomes a matter of emergency so as to save the life of such an individual. Also, I learnt that the only daughter of this woman is only but 11 years old( such a young age). Now imagine what will be the outcome of the 11 years old girl (God forbid) If anything happens to the mother; This is why it is important that every individual; be it rich or average, or poor, takes up a backup plan that will help insure the person’s health.

Sickness is not a friend to one’s body, and most times, it doesn’t give you notice before showing up. Unfortunately for humans, critical illness is not only for the Rich and abled individual…,it is even the poor that are more disadvantaged when these illnesses surface.

This article will be addressing the purpose of health insurance in Nigeria, and why every individual needs it!


Health Insurance refers to the type of insurance that provides cover for the costs of the Medical, Surgical, and hospital expenses of the person (people) insured. It is one of the form of life insurance that helps protect an individual’s health. Hence the insured is the sole owner(s) of the health insurance policy or coverage.

There are different types or groups of health insurance In Nigeria. They are explained below;


There are two main types of health insurance in Nigeria. They are;

Private health insurance
Public/government health insurance

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