Hazardous Noise Effect & your Right

Hearing has a much greater impact on performance than most people realize, your ear receives sound waves and sends them through a delicately balanced system to the
brain. Part of this remarkable system, the cochlea, is a chamber in the inner
ear filled with fluid and lined with thousands of tiny hair cells. The hair
cells signal the auditory nerve to send electrical impulses to the brain. The
brain interprets these impulses as sound. When you are exposed to loud or
prolonged noise, the hair cells are damaged and the transmission of sound is
permanently altered.

The amount of noise and length of time you are exposed to noise determine its ability to damage your hearing. Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB). The higher the decibel level, the louder the noise.
Sounds louder than 80 decibels are considered potentially hazardous to man so be
on the watch out.

Right to Life guarantees a right of persons to life with human dignity. Any one who wishes to live in peace, comfort and quiet within his house has a right to prevent the noise as
pollutant reaching him.

Right to Information infers that one has the right to know about the norms and conditions on which Government permits noise effect on the environment.

Right to Religion and Noise: - Right to religion does not include right to perform religious activities on loud speakers and electronic gadgets which produce high velocity of noise on
daily basis!

The state has the objective to make the environment pollution free as much as it can and every citizen of the country has the fundamental duty to clean the environment from every hazard.
We have the law relating to noise pollution but there is need to creating
general awareness towards the hazardous effects of noise pollution. In Nigeria, people
generally lack consciousness of the ill effects which noise pollution creates and
how the society stand to benefit by preventing the generation and emission of
noise pollution.

The target area in preventing noise pollution should be educational institutions, non-governmental organization, ministries of environment and information, all
citizenry, companies. We all ought to be responsible citizens as regards noise
pollution should all ‘Shine Our Eyes’ if you know what I mean.

Be an advocate!

Be aware of the noise in your environment and take control of it

Have your hearing tested

Inspect your child's toys for noise level

Be a responsible consumer of sound products.

Educate others on noise & also educate yourself

Pump down the volume of sound system!

Limit periods of exposure to noise.

Wear hearing protectors if you must be where hazardous noise is.

Painful Sound

150 dB = rock music peak

140 = firearm, air raid siren

130 = jackhammer

120 dB = jet plane take-off

Extremely Loud Sound

110dB = model plane

106dB = bass drum rolls

100 dB = chain saw, pneumatic drill

90dB = lawnmower, truck traffic

Very Loud Sound

80dB = alarm clock, busy street

70dB = vacuum cleaner

60dB = conversation, dishwasher

Moderate Sound

50dB = Moderate rainfall

40dB = quiet room

Faint Sound

30dB = whisper, quiet library

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Comment by anyanwu emmanuel emeka on February 17, 2010 at 1:43pm
Ufuoma, you have spoken pretty well in this your noise write up awareness. These are they miniature things government should inform it's citizens if we are to have a standard in Nigeria. It starts with stuff like this.
Ufuoma, could you try and think of aware of improving this information to take it to another level.
Well said. Cheers

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