Harmless processing line for chemical sludge

Shanghai Lipu design a high efficiency and harmless sludge drying system by using the boiler exhaust (125 °) as heat source for large airflow drying at low temperature.
About our sludg line:
Daily working time: 20 hours
The initial moisturer: 85%
After drying: 20%
Capacity: 16 t/h

Customer feedback:
After investigation, finally we chose the Lipu because they are professional in the sludge comprehensive disposal technology and there are a lot of successful cases.By using the boiler exhaust (125 °) as heat source we can keep dry petrochemical sludge harmless.The processing line is not only saving our energy,but also saving the cost of processing of pollutants. Its truly achieve to deal with the pollutants by waste,and waste recycling.The technology created a new way of sludge both economic and environmental benefits which suitable for China's national conditions.

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