Recently, a utility has been published designed to bypass the protection of Sony PlayStation 4 with the firmware version 4.05. This is a known exploit namedobj, the information about which first appeared on the network in the autumn of this year. Its author – a user under the name of Specter – assures that the program allows you to run on the console of any code and at the kernel level make changes to the system. Potentially with its help, you can jailbreak and bypass anti-piracy protection.

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Among other things, the exploit allows you to run third-party homebrew programs on the PlayStation 4 that do not violate copyright law. By the way, the creator of namedobj assures that its utility does not contain code that allows bypassing protection mechanisms against piracy, but includes a special bootloader, due to which it becomes possible to receive payload through port 9020 with its subsequent execution. To demonstrate the functionality of a fresh exploit, the author published a test payload, the execution of which opens access to the debugging menu of the console.

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Owners of PS4 with the current software 5.03 will not be able to use namedobj. The published exploit works with the software version 4.05, because it actively exploits the vulnerability that was present only in it. Already in patch 4.06 Sony “patched” this h***, so with all subsequent versions of the utility is incompatible.

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