I will like to know from the Ministry of Transpot Lagos State if the LASTMA officers are allowed to drive vechicles that are arrested by them despite that the driver or the owner of the vechicle is with them and he/she did not refuse the arrest ?
Also,are they authorise to allow cabs,taxi car,kabkabus parking under the bridge @ the popular Apongbon under bridge coming from top of the bridge from CMS TO Carter bridge.

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Comment by ENEIHU D AGABO on January 28, 2010 at 6:16pm

Thanks for your mail on this issue. the same thing happned to me few days to new year for breaking traffic light that showd warning light [orange] when we passed. The said latstma official ceased our car key drove that he was taking us to their compaound only for them to start asking if i have ATM card or if my driver has ATM card to enable us pay the over 40,000 naira they wanted us to pay or we risk paying over 100,000.00 naira after the festive period. They were willing to even wait for my driver to go withdraw money from my account for them since i said i did not have ATM card. They succeeded in making me part with the whole money i had with me that day which was 8,000.00 naira. please somebody should call these people to order as they are thieves only out to extort money from innocent citizens.

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