Lack of guts, unfounded fear, timidity, and  blind loyalty is the major problems that continue to rob Nigerians their freedom, equal opportunity, justice and sustainable good livings. According Fela, Nigerians are afraid of what they see and what they do not see. THey see the leadership like God ordained instead of mare representative. they fear, obey, and worship the leadership like God and gods. Nigerians lack of guts to consistently demand for their rigths and stubornly refuse to yield to intimidation is robbing them their affable good living and dumping them in the pits of poverty, suffering, and hardship. with such timidity mentality Nigerians will have long way to extricate themselves from the dungeon of the corrupt recycle leadership that does not sympathizes nor identify with them. For Nigerians to turn the table against the domestic imperialist and colonial incarnates stealing their future, they first have to change their mentality of loyalty without question, worship without blessing, and fear without threat, only then will they see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

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