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There are five classes in Bless Unleashed: Crusader, Mage, Priest, Ranger, and Berserker. They all have their own distinctive play styles, for example, some classes’ defense and attack abilities are strong, but others’ ranged abilities are strong. This game emphasizes action combat, so it is especially important to pick a suitable class. If you're unsure which class to choose, MmoGah would like to help you make a quick decision.




Below is a list sorted by difficulty of running (from easy to difficult)

1. Mage

2. Ranger

3. Priest

4. Crusader

5 Berserker


Below is a list sorted by the amount of the total damage for each class (from more to less)

1. Berserker

2. Mage

3. Ranger

4. Priest

5. Crusader


Let’s introduce them one by one.



Style: Melee

Main Weapon: Axe

Race: Varg


Berserker is a gentle giant who can be brutal for his enemy, and a fearless warrior that is capable of wreaking havoc on the battlefield. He uses a two-handed weapon and provides a wide range of attack areas, helping to remove large numbers of monsters easily. He might not be as fast as other classes, but no one can match him when it comes to destruction power.


I will say this is the worst class to run until you unlock Crescent Moon (around level 21). It is a pain-fighting solo. However, if you can get past that hurdle, you will become one of the strongest Titans, one of the most powerful classes, and the highest DPS class.



Style: Ranged

Main Weapon: Staff

Race: Human and Ippin


This class can be an essential part of your team, as she will show her ultimate potential. She has some of the best support abilities and can protect allies and apply ranged attacks on enemies, so every group of warriors needs her. Similar to Mage, she uses magic-like projectiles to defeat her enemies.


This is a very survivable class because you can heal yourself, and you don't have to waste some gold or resources to get potions, while the others rely heavily on potions, so you're going to be extremely wealthy.



Style: Ranged

Main Weapon: Staff

Race: Human and Elf


Mage’s arcane ability allows you to deal with a great deal of arcane and elemental damage to enemies, and she is sure to make them shivering and terrified.  A Mage may use a combination of several different elements before terminating an enemy with a final powerful spell.  


Mage is known for her power lied inside her magics and is the most unpredictable warrior among all classes.


Mage is a very casual user-friendly class, and it doesn't take many skills to learn this class. She is quicker than Berserker & Priest and gives you a massive amount of damage. Mage is a DPS class, but it's not the strongest class in the game.



Style: Ranged

Main Weapon: Longbow

Race: Elf


If Mage is not your cup of tea and you prefer ranged combat, Ranger is the best one for you. Armed with a bow and arrow, she can engage the enemies from a distance and crush them with pellets as they try to get close. With her precise aim and eagle eyes, a Ranger could be a nightmare for any melee warrior.


Ranger is the most useful class in dungeons and the most popular class. If you want to get into dungeons without any issues constantly, you can choose any one of them: Ranger, Berserker, or Priest.


Ranger is as quick as Mage. The only difference is that Mage can do good crowd control and move-set. Mage is a single target, so if you want to clear out mobs quickly, I don’t recommend you play her until you unlock Crescent Moon or Blind Executioner. In my opinion, the two best classes for clearing out mobs would be Ranger and Berserker.



Style: Melee

Main Weapon: Sword

Race: Human and Ippin


Crusader is an indispensable warrior on the battlefield. His shield gives him enough durability to properly position himself to attack enemies with a sword, and balance ability during attack and defense provides stability in the long war.  

This class is my favorite class, just because it owns a lot of skills. It is well-rounded and can definitely grind mob, but not as quickly as the others. Crusader ranks No. 4 in terms of the ability to clear out mobs. If you can go over the hurdle, it is great for PvP and grinding dungeons.


Some content is quoted from TheGuitarist562s video.


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