If the people of Oyo State allows Akala and PDP to win elections, it simply shows that majority of the people are convenient with their stagnant political, and socio-economic life style and as such used their votes to empower their tormentors to occupy political offices for more years.

Akala is rushing into more projects he can not complete before May 29 and promising what he did not do for about six years. And he is coming back with vengeful, and continuous mismanagement of State funds. He is also politicising the creation of Ibadan State, which is the sole responsibility of National Lower and Upper Senate. He will continue to enjoy immunity from EFCC.

Ladoja is all out to test his popularity,also coming back to cut his pound of flesh and protect himself by means of immunity from EFCC. And may take us back to PDP. PLEASE, LET US THINK DEEPLY AND VOTE WISELY.

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