A trader who newly bought a vehicle came to the city market where he had his shop the next day with the vehicle for the first time after he bought it. He parked the vehicle in the parking lot. He went into the market and headed straight to his shop from the
direction of the parking lot. This was not his usual direction to the
market previous to the arrival of the vehicle. He did his business that
day. It was a particularly good-for-business but hectic day.

When he closed his shop at the end of the day, he went straight to the nearby bus stop and joined the usual struggle for a transport home. When he got home, his wife was surprised that he came in without an
advance noticed that the car would produce. She went outside and
checked. The car was nowhere to be found. She came in and asked the
husband about the car.

Bewildered, our man realized that he had a car and has abandoned it in the market as the idea of owning a car was not registered in his consciousness.

Ah!!! Wow!!! So I have a car? He hurried back to the market and rushed through the throng of people trooping out of the market into the large and expansive car parking area. Overwhelmed by the sea of cars in the parking lot, he got
confused and could not remember the color of or any other connection to
his vehicle.

His first thought was to try to remember where he had parked the car. He walked towards the point of the parking lot that led to his shop. As he could not remember the color of his car, he started to attempt to know which car his key would open.

This attempt created a problem as other departing car owners came to meet him attempting to open their cars. Some understood his predicament and sympathized but went away with their cars anyway and some of them
wondered if he is really alright. Frustrated after several fruitless
and embarrassing attempts he decided to sit down and wait for all other
cars to leave.

He continued in this state of confusion until there were two cars of identical color left. He waited for a long time and no owner came to claim one of them. After a long wait, he decided to try his luck by guessing. He walked with unsure steps towards the
two cars that were parked close to each other. Unsure of which one of
them could be his, he decided to guess. Unfortunately his guess was
wrong. He was to find that out as he fearfully approached one of the
cars and attempted to open with his key. Before he could finish his
check, a rather sourly looking man who could not have patience enough
to listen to his story apprehended him. He seized him by his belt and
shouted 'Thief! Thief!' And dragged him to the nearby police station.
All his efforts to explain his predicament fell on deaf ears.

Immediately the report was laid before the police, the policemen on duty, dragged, cudgeled and abused him. He was locked him up for the night. Being a simple fellow and given no opportunity, he could not explain his

In those days, there were no cell phones and no connection could be established between the poor man and his wife. There was sorrow in the household as the woman could not understand why the husband could not come home. Her frantic efforts that night could
not yield any consoling results. The uncaring police could not do
anything that night to help the situation, noting that OGAH - meaning
the Divisional Officer is not around. He stayed the night at the police

This is a hard way to learn growing up to a new status.

This is brought to you though, to make you laugh, and wonder and be grateful if you are smarter than that.

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I commend your effort and this is great.

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