Grilled Fish With Plantain (My people Enjoy your weekend with this Recipe) and drink.

If you dont have grill use coal like that used by women roasting plantain along the road.

I Croaker or any fish available (Size depends on what you want)
Plantain (Ripe or unripe) you can use Yam or potatoes
Garlic (Fresh taste better)
Ginger(Fresh taste better)
Tomatoes (Hard)
Maggie, knorr or Onga
Ground dried pepper
One Table spoon vegetable oil or None (Healthy cooking)
Kitchen Foil
Tomato Ketch-up (optional)
Salad cream (optional)

Dress fish (remove scale and intestine and gills)
Pound 2 or 3 clove of garlic, grate ginger, add pepper, salt, maggie/knorr, curry, thyme, oil mix all together and rub on both sides of the fish and inside too.

Slice the Onions and tomatoes in circles, put some inside the fish, put on the kitchen foil then place fish on it, put some sliced onoins and tomatoes on top of the fish then wrap the foil around the fish and place on the grill or coal (put wire gauze on the coal).

Remember to turn the fish as it is cooking.

Slice your cabbage and put by the side of your plate

Peel your plantain or yam and grill or roast. Turn frequently until cooked.

Coconut and pineapple drink

cut coconut into bits and blend then add water and sieve.
peel and cut pineapple into bits and blend then add water and sieve.
Mix the sieved coconut drink and the pineapple drink.
Refrigerate and take it with the above meal.

This should not take more than an hour to prepare.

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