Gray squirrels give birth to their young in late winter or early spring

The easiest way to tell if a grey squirrel is having babies is to watch it for signs of pregnancy. According to Squirrel Arena, Grey squirrels usually give birth in spring and early summer, but there’s no definitive way to determine exactly when. Baby squirrels are ready to leave the nest around 12 weeks old. At that point, they already have all the characteristics of a squirrel, including curled tails. They’ll stay close to their mother for the next few months, but they’ll be independent within a month or two.

They are completely naked, deaf, and blind

If a female squirrel has a litter, they will use the nesting period to find a place to raise their young. A tree hollow is a great place to make a nest, and it is not uncommon for a female to give birth to two to four babies in a single litter. In addition, female squirrels can have up to eight babies at a time, depending on their age and the conditions. A newborn squirrel will have no fur, is completely deaf, and blind, and weighs only a few grams to one ounce. It will stay in its nest for about six weeks before moving out to explore. It will take another six weeks for the young to become independent and can start exploring their surroundings.

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