Graduates and Job seekers in Nigeria can now search for latest job Vacancies online

Hello Graduates, Job seekers and applicants out there. Many of us have been wondering what our career future would look like for us as unemployment rate in the country is getting higher and higher, companies and employers of labour have very few job vacancies nowadays which are unable to go round the vast amount of unemployed youths in the country.
Well, one need to just be hopeful and prayerful, that dream job we desire would come our way one day.

To realise this, we need to improve on our Job/opportunity search and because of this, i created a blog where i post all the latest Nigerian Job vacancies and career opportunities i see on Nigerian newspapers, i post many vacancies of different disciplines as much as possible until i get tired of typing.

So check to search and apply for current job vacancies in Nigeria.
Am also a Graduate with 2:1 still looking for a decent job.

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