Godfrey Osazele Omonzokpia

The United state of America dominates the world economically, technologically, culturally and militarily. George W Bush, a neo-con, during his tenure as American president would termed the westerners as civilized people and the Arabs as primitive in spite of the oil and money that is pumping into US economy from the mid-east


That mentality from George Bush is not isolated, but a general perception toward any man or country(s) from another due                                                                                                                      to economical or technological advantage.

This is to tell you that oil-money and power does not count here in a technological advanced civilization which the western societies regarded as “civilization” And consequently, if any country gets its income other than from technologies, that country is therefore not given the same respect or accepted into the community of western or civilized society.


China has been late but now trying harder to be giving the respect she deserved in the global field of technology. China has been bitter for many years about Japan’s cruel role in second world war when Japan occupied Chinese territories and brutally maltreated the Chinese. For this reason China didn’t see it vital to send her citizens to Japanese institutions of high-tech rather the Chinese wanted to keep their grudges for years and the result was China’s lagging behind in technology when the know-how is just across the border.


South Korea government though was also not in a smooth relationship with Japan but has managed to compromise and systematically, infiltrate into Japanese technology know-how thru government sponsored study scheme. They came back home and set up Hyundai, Samsung and LG.


Today Hyundai is renamed “Hyundai Heavy” not just car making industry but a “Giant conglomerate” that builds ships, heavy equipments and industrial facilities. And Samsung is the 11th largest company in the world with about $172.5 revenue, dashing behind General



The south Koreans are now self confident and proud when they see the Japanese because around the world today even in Japan, you would see every shops fills with South Korea products from Samsung and LG cutting edge mobile phones to high-definition plasma and LED television sets.


These technological known-how has automatically placed south Korea on a good position in this world of economic struggle and racism that Darwin has left to condoled and embraced by the world.


Also Taiwan, an autonomy country but part of China has benefited a lot from her ties to United state of America. Taiwan is the smart one; thousands of Taiwanese did their studies in American universities. They never went for law or administrative but most went for Science courses, like computer and as a result Taiwan not china main land, acquired computer know-how far before shanghai.


Asus®, a cutting edge computer company is Taiwanese. Last time I was listening to CNN and I heard that China main land still haven’t acquired the technology to manufacture LED Television technology or LCD monitor tech. The technology is owed by the Taiwanese companies in competition with Japan and Korea counterpart


When China and North-Korea were busying allying with Russia, totally mesmerized by communism ideologies, Taiwan and South-Korea were embarking on a positive mission of technological grab.   


The Japanese’s attitudes of superiority toward their Chinese neighbor whenever they met, has begin to bate due to China ability to play in the Arena of Global technology.


All the foreign giant companies that operate in China would designed products and sent them to china for productions. It does not mean that china do not have their owe made products, but if you look back to history, you will see that china did not contributed so much if not totally absent in area of inventions and technological development that resulted to the economic civilization which the westerners referred as civilization.


But the Chinese are emerging from the humiliations which lack of technology have brought upon them over the years and have vowed to acquire the capabilities by any means necessary. Chinese government has been sending its citizens to the best Universities of science and technology any where in the world, whether in Japan or in America. A lot of these students that has graduated out of these powerful foreign institutions and has acquired the technology know-how would return home to set up their own companies and assembly lines.


Quiet well on track, China is moving at a very fast pace in this 21st century, almost about everything are made in china today by Chinese companies and shipped to around the world under the names of big players like Sony as a joint ventured. China is the world second largest economy today.


Nigeria need to play a dominant role first in Africa by any means possible. We have been talking about Nigeria's potential long enough, and I think it’s about time we started to realize that potential as echoed by formal US foreign secretary, condaleezza Rice during her speech at this Day award in Abuja.


Nigeria government should begin a negotiation with US government or Any of European countries to start what is called “student exchange” or a state sponsored program should be in place which must make it possible for the Nigerian “best brains” to study abroad and return home to work in a position reserved for them by the Government’s sponsored science and technology programs


This initiative must not be rule by nepotism and tribalism that has destroyed the country for years. I have seen in Canada, US and in UK those given scholarship to study abroad because they have some one in the government became useless, not even attending the lectures. I also see another group, the children of the so called rich—nation’s money, going from one night club to another and never really know what the hell is going on in the lecture hall.


If Nigeria must proceed to actualize the potential they've been singing about and move to the very position Nigeria should be today, all this favoritism must not pops up. Nigeria need to be respected and eventually drafted into the communities of economic civilization. Nigeria has what it take to do exactly that; the capitals, brains and blessed with natural resources. But what's keeping Nigeria down-low for so long is "corruption and Greed"  Also many of our leaders lacks the visions and the urgency needed to get Nigeria playing a major position in the technological scene. 


Germany is an example of what a true potential constituted. After the end of WW-II almost all the German scientist included those that invented the first rocket, “the V1 rocket” of World War II in 1936 under Werner von Braun from around Berlin were scrambled for by the Russian and American. 


Despite all these drained of brains which caused Germany an untold set back, but the German potential remained intactThe Germans with enormous potential emerged within a short while to top Europe economically and technologically to the consternation of Britain and France


 If the Africans failed to realized these struggles and are still dancing to the drums of corruption then est fini


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