People can call you any names seems to them, but what you call yourself is matter.

It is true that people had been call you different names which did not give glory to God. Such names had been keeping you in sorry, sadness and bitters which you have thought of killing yourself or run away from your matrimonial home. People have given you names as a result of the predicament that bestow on your marriage.

No matter the name calling you as a result of your present situation, what God call you and what you call yourself is most important. Remember, Peninnah called Hannah a barren and always provoked her. But she did not give up, she continue hope and seek God for intervention. At a point in her time, she refused to accept the portion that her husband offers her. She personally separated herself from gathering of people that can pollute her worship and services unto God. She spent time in fervent and unrelenting prayers. At the end of her journey she became a mother of many children. Her rival joined her to celebrate – (1 Samuel 1 and 2).

Friend, never allow the act and reactions of people around you to stopping you from achieving your divine purpose. If you allow anybody to rob you of your destiny, such person will not be blame for it, rather you are the one to bear the consequences. God will never responsible for your failure or at fault for your unfruitful as long as you are less concern about your destiny.

Jephthah was sent away from his father’s house and lived with unrecognized people of his time in a village. But he later becomes the hero that his people searched for him and they chosen him as their Judge. He never loses focus and his vision. He builds his life according to the WILL and PURPOSE of God for his life. He never allowed the bastard child that his people called him to rob and kill his destiny. He was determined to become great, and he eventually achieved it. He trained himself with God’s word, power himself with the Spirit of God and guide his way with the Light of God. Judges 11:1-end

People are blackmail you and because of that you determine to hang yourself. To be sincere with you, if you have it in mind to kill or hang yourself, you out of your mind and never thinking of the purpose and plan of God for your life. Mind you, if you kill or hang yourself, you are to be responsible and guilty as murder – killer. However, no murder or killer will lives in heaven forever, instead they will lives in HELL forever, where they will be tormenting, suffer and cage with sadness forever.

Do you remember the situation of Peter and his friends in the book of Luke chapter 5, verse 1 to 10? They were professional fishermen that never go to river without catching fish, but on a fate day, they worked throughout night but got nothing. They used all techniques and strategies they have to make the day a favourable for them but all their efforts are vain and useless.

Their work was fruitless and unprofitable in that day. But as soon as Jesus Christ step into their boat – work – business – environment, the story change instantly. Peter that have been in sadness mood, jump on his feet for uncommon joy he has never experience before. Immediately he connected with Jesus – the Only Provider of all things, his failure, profitless and unfruitfulness expired without delay.

Beloved, no situation is beyond repair as long as such situation is handover unto JESUS CHRIST – Matthew 11:28-29. God is ready to over answer your requests. No matter the challenges confronting your finances, the Great Physician will silence it. Nothing is too hard for God to do for you. No problem is too big for Jesus to handle. No predicament or mess that can mess the power of God!

My advice for you is to wake up from your slumbering. Don’t see yourself as a failure that God did not destiny you for. Never accept and build your mind on negatives names given to you by the enemies. See yourself as hero that will rule his/her world. Visualize the dream, embrace the purpose and develop the plan of God for your life. You are living for a divine purpose! You exist for divine reasons and among the living in order to rule your world!

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