Luke 18 v 1. “And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint”.

Have you received our invitation to be involved in the BUILD MY CITY project? Have we sought your involvement in any way? Have you been appointed into our faculty or board, or even invited to be a partner? Then why not get glad about it. Why should you? Because we believe our choice of you was divinely inspired to conscript you into the 21st century version of the Joel Chapter 2 v 7-10 army. We believe, at this point that it doth not yet appear what BUILD MY CITY project will be, as the revelation is yet unfolding, thus we suggest that this is not a call to be subjected to the empty logic of human reasoning; we only pray that the dynamite of God’s spirit will blow us all out of our human wisdom and intelligence into a walk and work with him.

Fundamentally, as CHRISTIANS, we now know that success in life is neither achieved by the might of human reasoning nor by the prowess of secular ability but by the spirit and anointing of God. That is it and that is what breaks yokes and set at liberty. Remember, it is not by power…but by the spirit says the Lord, and if it then be by the spirit, then let’s get glad about the call of the spirit. Have you not noticed it, the decay and immorality that assault His Majesty, the Lord Jesus Christ daily? In John 15 v 16, the Lord said, “you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you…”.

Build My City will minister to devastated youths, pull sinners out of hell fire and light the way for the lost. There is a place for you, He has masterfully and skilfully identified you, much like a gemmologist would identify and appraise a precious stone. Then as a master jeweller, He has set you in the perfect place in the body where no one else could fit but YOU, because it has pleased HIM.

We urge you, from your handpicked position to get glad about the choice of the spirit. Remember, stop trying to reason it, instead, get glad about it. We need your feedback, feedback will helps us correct what we are doing wrong and hone our leadership skills. Again, do you know someone who could benefit from or someone who could support the BUILD MY CITY project? Give them free access to us and help us spread the word. Next week, we will be sending out a our survey which we encourage you to help us fill out, but till then, Like our brother Charles would say, Shalom en maranatha. BUILD MY CITY For: BUILD MY CITY Project

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