When you surf the internet, you will see a lot of articles or e-books focused on "How to make money online--just within a minute", whether they are real or not. This is because majority of the people are very much interested in how to make money and become rich as quickly as possible. Everybody wants to be rich. Yes, everybody wants to have money.


But is money all that is life? No. We know that money plays a very important role in people's life because without it one cannot buy food to eat, or clothe oneself or take care of oneself when sick or for other aspects of life.


Could this quest for money be the reason why people brush aside other challenges of life that have faced individuals, families, communities, societies, governments, etc. without confronting them frontally? Could this be the reason why almost everybody today has focused on money?


I ask again, is money everything? Does money solve all problems or meet all the needs of life? The answer again is, NO. It is true that money plays a very important role in the upkeep and existence of man, but money does not solve all problems of life. And so, while we can't brush aside the importance of money, we can safely say that acquiring money, riches and wealth per se does not give us happiness, knowledge, wisdom and even health. One can be rich without knowledge. One can have money without having wisdom. One can have money without being healthy. One can have money without living in peace with his/her spouse and so on and so forth.


While we look for money, we still need to tackle other problems facing us.


I therefore introduce to you wonderful Books of knowledge that can make a difference in your life and the life of your loved ones. Books that touch on various aspects of life. Bestseller Books that have attracted testimonies. Here are they:


1. ‘SUSTAINABLE HAPPY MARRIAGE: THE PRICE YOU MUST PAY’. ---From this book you get, Marriage Breakdowns: Causes and Remedy. It gives you in detail how you can live a happily married life.


2.  ‘THE HIDDEN FACTS OF LIFE REVEALED’. ---A masterpiece about the Universe. The hidden facts of life which even the researchers, professors, students, technologists, etc. do not know. A book that has helped to change peoples’ lives.


3. ‘386 TIPS ON HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR BEAUTY (for women)’. ----

Every woman is beautiful, but not every woman knows how to maintain her beauty. This book is a complete guide for all women, young or old, students, Beauticians, Beauty Pageants, etc. on how to remain young and beautiful.



  1. 4.     ‘REMOVING THE LANDMARKS OF GOD’. ---This book reveals to us that many men and children of God are worshipping God in disobedience. Many are serving God in disobedience. Many are preaching and teaching the Word of God in disobedience.


  1. 5.     ‘HOW TO WRITE ARTICLES TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE’. ----This book reveals to you in detail that you can write articles and make dollars on the internet. It is detailed on how to begin and how to end.


  1. 6.     ‘HOW TO BUILD YOUR LIST OF EAGER SUBSCRIBERS’. ---This book teaches marketers-----online or offline—on how to build the list of their eager customers or subscribers to their products or services.


Visit: www.happylifebooks.com and download your copies now at BONUS prices and with two bonus e-books for each purchase you make.


Benson O. Ndaji.


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