On a bright sunny Monday morning, Anna had to rush out of home to her work place and thus had no choice but to stuff a box of biscuits in her bag. Getting on the bus, Anne took the only vacant seat beside Collins, a
little boy travelling to the park. She dropped her bag at her right side and
rested her back.


Few minutes later amidst the scenes of her hectic workplace in her head she was joggled back to the present by the sound of someone chewing. On turning to her right, Collins was busy eating biscuits with the box
wide open on her bag. Anna looked at him in disbelief and anger, but Collins
looked up at her, picked a biscuit, gave it to her and smiled. She hungrily ate
it and Collins gave her another while still smiling, and then another.


Anna kept thinking in her mind; “who does this little boy think he is that he can just take my biscuits? And he has the guts to share it with me!” At this point only one biscuit was left. Anna felt sore in her mind
fearing that Collins would take the last of the biscuits. Confirming her fears,
Collins picked it up, but he broke it into two and gave her one half, while
still smiling.


Collins alighted from the bus at the next stop. He waved at Anna and kept smiling at her. But Anna could only force a little smile from the corner of her mouth, as she was still angry at him.


Getting to her stop, Anna picked her bag and got off the bus. Just then she heard a rustling sound in her bag. Anna opened her bag and to her surprise she found her box of biscuits intact. All the while, Collins
had been sharing his biscuits with her.



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